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Beat the Work From Home Burnout

Chances are, your commute to work this morning took less than 20 steps. Who knew that would eventually feel just as dreadful as the half-hour drive with traffic? If COVID-19 made a remote employee out of you, you may be feeling unexpectedly burnt out.


While at one point it may have sounded like a dream, working remotely can easily blur the lines between work and home life. This can lead you to work longer hours than you would in this office, and make it more difficult to mentally clock out when you’re done for the day. To preserve your sanity, try out our tips for mastering the work from home grind.


Imagine your ideal routine and stick with it.

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Having a consistent morning routine will help you feel like you are still “going to work.” Get yourself up at the same time, shower and get dressed (at least put on pants). Eat a healthy breakfast and have your tea or coffee while catching up on the news. Start your workday on time, and do your best to stay focused so that you aren't dragging the workday into your evening. Reward yourself at the end of a productive day with a celebratory bowl or dab.


Separate your workspace from your living space.


One of the biggest challenges of working remotely is mentally clocking out at the end of the day. If your unfinished projects and emails are out of sight, you’ll be able to transition more quickly into your evening. Move your desk into the guest room so when you shut the door, you’re leaving your workday behind. Plus, the TV, your bong and all the snacks in the kitchen will be out of view.

 A young white man is smoking a cannabis joint while working from home in front of a desktop monitor and laptop. The computers are on a blue desk with a blue lamp, and he is leaning his head back with the joint pointed towards the ceiling.

If you live in a studio apartment, creating a designated workspace just takes organization and a little creativity. Invest in drawers or bins for everything work-related so at the end of the day, you can pack your laptop, projects and notes away until the next morning. If you’re struggling with space in your apartment for even a desk, consider transforming your closet into a “home office.” This can be as simple as emptying it out and moving your desk in. Or, make it your next quarantine project and completely transform the space!


Make yourself unavailable.


Yes, you read that correctly. Not all the time, obviously, but make sure you take breaks throughout the day to step away from your phone and computer. Just because you are stuck at home doesn't mean you need to be "available" for work tasks at all hours. The world will continue to turn if that call goes to voicemail during your walk.

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Once quitting time comes around, turn your laptop off and put your work phone on silent. Leave them in your workspace until tomorrow, and step outside to take a toke and a breath of fresh air. Don’t let a work call kill your buzz—not on your watch.


Take the edge off with CBD.

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Having a stressful workday (on top of being cooped up in the house all day) sometimes calls for backup. To keep your emotions even-keeled, keep a vape pen with a CBD cartridge on hand. You could also opt for a CBD tincture to put in your coffee when things get hectic. A quick cup or puff can reground you and empower you to get the whole to-do list done.


Working from home doesn’t have to affect your personal life. With a few organizational tweaks and updates to your routine, you can separate your work and home life a little easier, avoiding the possible burnout. 


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