The Ooze Valentine's "Her" bundle is spread out on a marble counter. Roses and petals surround the products, along with conversation hearts and chocolate hearts.

Enjoy Valentine's Day with Cannabis

Would you rather receive flowers or chocolate for Valentine’s Day? Flowers, obviously. But I’m not talking about roses. Cannabis truly is the perfect way for couples to treat each other with some fun quality time together. I mean, really, name something sweeter than getting your high with your sweetie for Valentine’s Day.


And, singles– instead of punishing yourself on Valentine’s Day with too much wine, imagine enjoying a fat bowl all to yourself and bingeing a new Netflix show. Valentine’s Day is about more than just couples nowadays– it’s a day for loving and treating yourself! No better partner than Mary Jane to give you all the warm and fuzzy feelings you need on V-Day. Whether you’re linked up or not, these are the Valentine’s Day cannabis gifts that won’t disappoint.


For Couples…

Bake and Get Baked


Make your partner’s favorite dinner or dessert with cannabutter. We love this recipe for Valentine’s Day sugar cookies. You can make them beforehand and surprise your sweetheart, or you can be cute and bake your canna-goodies together.


Valentine’s Day Bundles & Colors

 The Ooze Valentine's "His" bundle lays on a wood surface. The red grinder tray is filled with conversation hearts, the bowser bowl has a heart necklace draped over it, the black roadie has 2 roses in it, the EZ pipe lays on it's side and there is a blue glitter heart and 4 chocolate hearts.

Especially if you’ve already had a few Valentine’s Days with your current partner, overpriced chocolate and flowers that die in a few days gets boring. Instead, surprise your significant other with new smoking paraphernalia in in romantic Valentine’s Day colors. Not to mention, this is one of those gifts you get to use, too. Your boo will, of course, want to try out their new piece, making for the perfect excuse to cuddle up on the couch and stay in the rest of the night.

Our Valentine’s Day “Her” bundle is the ultimate gift with our unique grinder tray, silicone ashtray, Bowser silicone glass pipe and glass blunt slider. Don’t worry– we have a nice manly bundle, too. The “His” bundle features all the same signature pieces in black and red.


For Singles…


Stay In!

Tell your friends you’re busy and pack a fat bowl! Then, get cozy with your favorite snacks and binge that show you’ve been dying to watch– no matter how much of a guilty pleasure it is. This is your night! Bask in your well-deserved relaxation, compliments of Mary Jane.


Get Creative

 A young woman with long brown hair paints the green hair of a portrait of a girl on a canvas. She is wearing a black rubber glove, and there is a painting of the Ooze logo behind the canvas she is working on.

Cannabis elevates time spent alone because you can really focus on the task at hand or more deeply connect with yourself. It also helps eliminate inhibitions when it comes to creative activities like painting or crafting so you can more freely express yourself. If you don’t consider yourself much of an artist, spend some time journaling. A chill high can help your thoughts pour more freely onto the page, which is the perfect way to get to know yourself better. Regardless, try using part of this day to express yourself creatively in some way… after ripping some hefty dabs to get the creative juices flowing!


That’s how we do Valentine’s Day here at Ooze! If you’re stumped with what to get your partner or how to spend Valentine’s Day, look no further than cannabis to guarantee a feel-good, giggly, love-filled day.

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