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How to Smoke Weed and Not Be Lazy During Quarantine

The coronavirus quarantine began as a dream come true for all stoners. We got to stay home all day, toke up whenever we wanted and watch all the Netflix our little hearts desired. But it’s been over a month—and we’re still hitting the pipe and vegging out. It’s easy for anyone, smoker or not, to feel a loss of purpose during this time. With that comes a lack of motivation and feeling of laziness, which can definitely be accentuated by the effects of marijuana.


For those who have been indulging more in cannabis during the stay-at-home order, it might be time to introduce some structure back into your daily routine. You can smoke weed and still be productive! Here are our ideas of ways you can keep your weed and your sanity during the quarantine.


Create a Simple Routine

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Adding just a little bit of structure can make a huge difference in these long days that all just seem to blur together. Wake up and go to bed at the same time each day, and plan out your meals. Obviously you can enjoy a hit or two to enjoy your food, but you’ll feel accomplished that you’re nourishing yourself with just enough sleep and food.  


Pick a Task Every Day

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Choose one task you can do each day to improve yourself. You can clean out your closet, go for a long walk in the sunshine, have an at-home yoga session, organize that messy guest room or do your laundry. You can incorporate smoking with these activities, of course. Just try using a smaller bowl, so each hit will be just enough to give you a buzz while keeping you focused.


You might also opt to give all your smoking accessories a deep clean. Our silicone hybrid pieces come apart fully, so you can really get into every crevice, or just throw all the pieces in the dishwasher!


Set a Timer

Do you find yourself spending all day in the dark, smoking and playing video games? Set a timer for yourself and when it goes off, turn off your game and take a walk outside. Just a few minutes of sunshine and fresh air can have a huge impact on your mood, and you can reward yourself with a toke when you’re back home.


Try a New Hobby

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This downtime we have right now is a perfect opportunity to try something new! If you have a yard, grab that old soil out of the shed and plant a garden. Order supplies online to build something. You could also order canvases and paints and spend these days inside flexing your creative muscles. Mind you, these are awesome activities to do high! If you smoke throughout the day, you’ll feel a lot less lethargic if you come up with fun, constructive activities that will occupy you for hours on end.


Incorporating structure and rewarding activities into your day will improve your mood and help you feel more productive, even if you smoke throughout the day. Fun activities and ones that improve your life put purpose back into your life, and your purpose right now is simple: take care of yourself. Make some little changes to your daily routine, use your creativity, get those endorphins going, and keep enjoying your bud for the rest of your quarantine!






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