Introducing Ooze Resolution Wipes

Introducing Ooze Resolution Wipes

Smoking out of a dirty piece is bad for your health, the longevity of your bong, and ends up ruining the flavor of your bud. Here at Ooze, we are on a mission to provide tools that ritualize and simplify the cleaning process so our customers can easily live a healthy stoner lifestyle.

We know that cleaning the stubborn resin and oil off your bong can be annoying. With the brand-new Ooze Resolution Wipes, you can clean your bongs, bangers, bowls, dabbers, and more in under a minute! These pipe wipes will make resin instantly glide off glass, metal, and ceramic leaving your piece looking good as new. In this blog, we will discuss why and how you should use Ooze Resolution Wipes. 

Why Should You Use Ooze Resolution Wipes?

A close-up shot of a white woman's hands using an Ooze Resolution Res Wipe to clean out a dirty blue Ooze Glyco bowl.

Every stoner has smoked out of piece that really needed a good wipe down prior to the sesh. Other than it just being gross af, here are some other key reasons to clean your smoking utensils with Ooze Resolution Wipes before you take your next hit:

1. Ritualize Your Sesh 

Your pre-smoking ritual is just as important as your post-smoking ritual. If you always have snacks planned for after you smoke, you have already started to ritualize your session. Start wiping down your piece with these weed wipes before your sesh and soon enough it will be part of your routine!  

2. Preserve Your Piece

Every stoner has a favorite piece that they hope will last forever. If you want to keep your fav piece for many smoke sessions to come, you have to treat it with TLC. With Ooze Res Wipes, preserving your piece is easy. The resin will glide off and keep your piece in tip-top shape.  

3. Protect Your Health

Resin can wreak havoc on your lungs and can even make you sick. Plus, smoking out of a dirty piece tastes bad and impacts the flavor of your hit. Wiping your piece clean before each sesh will help you maintain a safe and healthy stoner lifestyle.

Ooze Resolution Wipes with glass products that are freshly cleaned in front of a bright blue background.

How To Use Ooze Resolution Wipes  

Ooze Resolution Wipes can be used on glass, metal, and ceramic smoking utensils as a resin remover. These weed wipes work hard getting dirty bangers, bowls, dabbers, ashtrays, stash jars, battery connection points, and more in tip-top shape. Just grab a res wipe, the piece you want to clean, and rub away. The residue will glide right off! Now, your clean piece will be ready for any smoke session!  

The Complete Stoner Cleaning Kit  

If you want to live the healthiest stoner lifestyle possible, we suggest getting the whole set of Ooze Resolution cleaning products. The Ooze Resolution Glass Cleaner and Ooze Resolution Res Caps are great options for deep cleaning while Ooze Resolution Wipes are great for in between sessions. Having a complete set will make it easy for you to clean all your smoking supplies when ever they need a quick wipe down or are ready for a deep clean sesh!

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