No Shave Oozevember banner. A teal mustache looks like it's smoking a teal Ooze Slim Twist Vape pen, and the teal Kettle, Steamboat, battery, and Saturn grinder are around the borders.

No-Shave November: Support Men’s Health!

This month, Ooze will be donating all the proceeds from our teal products to the Matthew Hill Foundation, a non-profit organization that focuses on raising cancer awareness. We know that not everyone can grow out facial hair (at least 51% of us) so, this is a great alternative to support men’s health!

So how does your Ooze purchase this month help?

In the past, men’s health hasn’t exactly been prioritized. 9,500 men will die from testicular cancer each year if rates remain consistent—most of them 20-34 years of age. Yet early detection of cancer men and children is rarely encouraged in mainstream education.

The proceeds collected from our teal products will help the organization provide education, financial assistance and safe communities for men and boys around the world. Below, we have highlighted some of the awesome products you can purchase to support the cause!

Ooze Teal Bundle

Our Teal Bundle is a great combination that covers all the bases so you can smoke flower, carts, and dabs! For flower, it comes with the Piper, a hybrid product that can be used as a hand pipe and a chillum. To smoke oil cartridges, we included a Teal Slim Twist Vape Battery. Plus, we also added a Ridged Neck Globe to this bundle so you can smoke dabs on the go! 

Teal Bundle With Ooze Piper, Ooze Slim Twist, and Charger 

Ooze Kettle

Our Kettle bubbler is a great everyday piece. With a silicone exterior and suction cup at the base, the Kettle is basically insurance for any party foul that may take place. Plus, it comes completely apart for easy and thorough cleaning.

 Ooze Kettle in Aqua Teal being held by hand with matching teal nails in front of bright wall of graffiti


Ooze UFO 4-in-1 Hybrid

The Ooze UFO is a great choice for anyone looking for a hybrid piece that can do it all! Use this awesome piece as a dab rig, bong, dab straw, and  an Ooze pen adapter. Plus, it comes with a matching geode stash jar to hold all your goodies!

Ooze UFO in Aqua Teal in front space background on a holographic base.


Ooze Saturn Grinder

No smoking setup is complete without a high-quality grinder. Our Saturn Grinder doubles as a storage container for unground nugs, making it the perfect addition to your minimalistic smoking kit. Plus, its spherical shape is a fun conversation starter!

 Ooze Tree of Life Rolling Tray with a pearled joint and teal Ooze Saturn Grinder on someones lap


Ooze Slugger Dabbin Dugout

For a fully portable dabbing setup, our Slugger dugout comes with everything you need. This handy silicone brick includes a glass nail, titanium nail, silicone dab straw and glass bowl that fit neatly into each of its discreet storage compartments.

 A white female hand with blue nail art holds the teal Ooze Slugger Dabbin Dugout in her hand. All the flaps of the slugger are open and she holds the nectar collector with nail attached in her hand, too. She is outside on a grassy lawn

There are plenty of ways to help raise awareness for men’s cancer prevention this month. Browse our entire collection of teal products and remember that each one helps fund men’s health! 

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