Protect Yourself and Others with an Ooze Face Mask

Protect Yourself and Others with an Ooze Face Mask

It’s been almost three months in quarantine since the COVID-19 crisis began. I think it’s safe to say most of us are pumped to see governors around the country giving businesses the green light to reopen. But, now that we’ll be out and about again, it will be even more important to take extra safety precautions to protect the at-risk population. Because of this, sporting a face mask will probably continue to be the new normal for now.   

 The Ooze Joker face mask sits flat on a gray wood desk. It's a green Joker face with blue lips, bad teeth, and the Ooze logo across the front teeth.

Since we know everyone wants to do their part without having to suffer in an uncomfortable mask, we created eight unique face mask designs with your enjoyment in mind! Not only are they comfortable and effective, you can show off your style in a new way. When else do you have an excuse to nonchalantly flaunt a fake grill or vampire fangs in public? Half your face is covered anyways, so you might as well transform yourself into a nuclear fallout survivor— this coronavirus pandemic sometimes makes us feel like one!

 The Ooze Candy Shop face mask lays flat on a gray wood desk. It shows the bottom half of a girl's face, the bottom rims of her glasses, her mouth is open and an earth-shaped lollipop with the Ooze logo covers part of her chin and mouth.

Let’s get down to the nitty-gritty of these masks, though. They’re highly recommended by the CDC due to their double-layer design. Although they’re not medical grade, they’re much more effective than homemade fabric masks. This is because they fit much more snugly to your face, keeping any pathogens from exiting or entering your mask. Loose fabric around your face won’t do much to protect anyone around you from any dormant viral particles in your system (even if you’re not experiencing symptoms). With our funky face masks, just adjust the ear straps and press the top of the mask to conform tightly to the bridge of your nose. No more guessing if your mask is even worth wearing.

 An Ooze face mask is flipped over on a gray counter, and a hand is lifting the top layer to show the air filter inside. Both ear straps have their adjustable piece attached for comfort.

Each of these face masks also features an air filter pocket so fresh air is always within reach. This way, you won’t have to be constantly removing your mask and putting it back on, which transfers germs from your hands onto your mask and face. If you’re going to wear a mask, you don’t want to defeat the entire purpose!

 The Ooze Grill face mask lays flat on a gray wood desk. It shows a girl with pink lipstick snarling her lip to show her gold grill on her teeth. The Ooze logo is made to look like diamonds on the front of her grill.

We know our customers are all about comfort, and we’re all about solving the problems you’re facing. Wearing an uncomfortable, heavy-duty mask or a flimsy cloth one doesn’t do much good for anyone. We’re all in this pandemic together, and we want to share our innovations that have come from the COVID-19 crisis with everyone. Hopefully you’ll even brighten someone else’s day when they see your outlandish mask. We could all use a little more spunk and personality in these dark times—especially when half our faces are covered. Check out our fun designs and make wearing a face mask more enjoyable, and ultimately, more YOU.


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