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    Silicone-Glass Hybrids for Flower and Cannabis Concentrates

    Silicone-Glass Hybrids for Flower and Cannabis Concentrates
    At Ooze, we’ve dedicated years to creating new and exciting high-quality products for the cannabis industry. We've created tons of amazing silicone dab rig and bong hybrids that are compatible with all types of cannabis. Talk about getting the best of both worlds! In this article, we will dive into our favorite hybrid pieces!

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    Give Your Body a Break with Dry (Herb) January

    A Dry Herb January graphic with the Ooze logo in the top left corner. The background looks like frosted frozen glass.
    Are you feeling the effects of the holiday season? Give your body a break and take on a Dry (herb) January with us! Instead of cutting everything out cold turkey, use cannabis as a recovery aid to get back on the right track.

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    Rejoice! 12 Days of Oozemas Deals Are Here

    Graphic for the 12 Days of Oozemas holiday shopping promo. It is a green background with white gifts with green ribbon, and bold green and blue text.
    The holiday season is officially here, and we're kicking it off with the 12 Days of Oozemas! Each day will feature a different best-seller at 15% off for that day ONLY. Check back in each day to see the new featured product!

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