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    Chalice Festival

    Chalice Festival - The Oozelife Blog - Ooze Marijuana Weed Hash Concentrate Music Arts Festival Glass Products

    Chalice Festival, held from July 7th - July 9th, in Victorville, California brings together arts from all ends of the spectrum but mostly focuses on those in the field of glass blowing and music. Headliners such as Ice Cube, Thievery Corporation, Cypress Hill and many more will bring a great crowd out to the festival. Friday, Saturday, and Sunday will each respectively have its own set of performers with new artists out every night.


    Centered in the middle of the festival is where most of the glass will be blown. Here, known as The Glass Village, the culture of glass blowing will not only be demonstrated but it will actually be thoroughly explained by the pros themselves. If you are an aspiring glass blower, Chalice is the place to be to get true insight on the industry and culture that surrounds glass blowing. If you are not into blowing glass but are amazed by the works of art that the blowers make, then you’re in luck because many artists will have glass for sale. These hand blown glass pieces are known for their integrity, the creativeness, and the precision that go along with making each and every piece.


    Also held at Chalice is a cannabis product competition. Whether it's the best Flower, Solvent, Non-Solvent, or CBD product, all participants will have their equal and fair chance to be showcased as the best product at Chalice Festival. Chalice takes pride in its competition winners, thus ensuring a safe and fair competition and judging threshold for all. Chalice judges include some industry known experts who are highly regarded within the cannabis community.


    Chalice will also hold a section for the Visual Arts, which is lead by artists Mear-One, Chris Dyer, Boko Arts, A. Brooks, and Ellie Paisley. Chalice will be a great environment filled with eye-catching art, great hash, and even better glass being blown right before your eyes! Be at Chalice July 7th-9th.