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    News — Glass Slider

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    What's New with Ooze?!

    Glass Slider by Ooze - Blunt Paperless Technology Silicone Grip Slide

    At Ooze, we are constantly working on providing patients with useful and innovative products that they can incorporate into their daily medicating routine! We think we’ve hit the nail on the head with our new product – the Glass Blunt Slider!

    We understand that some mornings you may be limited on time, or maybe you forgot your papers. Don’t worry, just grab your Glass Slider and you’re good to go! Like most of our products, the slider is small and easy to use. Just slide the inner tube out, fill it, spark it up and you’re on your way to a wonderful day!

    What's New with Ooze - The Oozelife Blog - Glass Blunt Sliders Product Feature Launch

    We hope you are as excited to get your hands on our new products as we are to present them to you! We’re sure that the Glass slider is a concept that most patients are familiar with and will enhance convenience for the patients on the go!