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2 in 3 Americans Now Support Legalizing Weed

2 in 3 Americans Now Support Legalizing Weed - The Oozelife Blog - Ooze Election Vote Legal Recreational Medicinal Medical Marijuana Cannabis

A recent poll from Gallup found 66 percent of Americans now support the legalization of marijuana, making 2018 the third consecutive year support for legalization has not only increased but also set a record. While some of us may be wondering how it is 2018 and weed is still not legal, these figures are quite a jump from the very first Gallup poll on the matter. When first asked about legalization in 1969, only 12 percent of Americans were in favor.

Fifty-nine percent of Americans polled of the age 55 and up now believe weed should be legal, which is a nine percent increase of this demographic from 2017. Support for marijuana legalization is strongest among adults within the ages of 18-34 at 78 percent.

Ooze’s home state of Michigan voted to recreationally legalize marijuana by passing Prop 1, being the first Midwestern state and overall tenth state to do so. The passed proposal will create a system to regulate, tax, and sell REC weed to adults living in the state.

Missouri also passed Amendment 2, legalizing medicinal marijuana, becoming the 31st state to do so. This measure (one of three weed-related initiatives on the ballot) will tax marijuana sales at four percent and allow for home cultivation of the plant.

Pew Research also recently conducted a survey regarding marijuana legalization in which they found about 62 percent of Americans agree that marijuana use should be legal. This reflects a solid increase over the past ten years, according the Pew Research Center.

Five Weed Facts | INFOGRAPHIC

Five Weed Facts Infographic - The Oozelife Blog - Ooze Interesting Fun Legalization Tax Revenue Potent Industry Jobs No Overdose Healthy Safe E-Commerce Transaction

Michigan just voted to allow recreational marijuana for everyone over 21, and Utah and Missouri passed medicinal legalization in the midterm elections. Whether or not you partake, there is no shortage of interesting facts about this plant.

Here are five random marijuana facts:

1. Federally legalizing cannabis in the US would bring in $8.7 billion in tax revenue. Not only would it bring in revenue, but states also currently spend about $3.6 billion on marijuana law enforcement.

2. Weed today is 57-67% more potent than it was in the ‘70s – thanks to the addition of the hydroponics gardening system. Back then, it was much more common for users to smoke stem and leaf bits instead of actual bud.

3. The legal cannabis industry has created an estimated 123,000 full-time jobs in the US. The following states lead the country in marijuana-related job creation:

  • California: 43,374 full-time jobs
  • Colorado: 23,407 full-time jobs
  • Washington: 22,952 full-time jobs

4. You would have to smoke 800 joints in one sitting to die from marijuana. It still wouldn’t be the weed that did you in, but carbon monoxide poisoning instead. To overdose on cannabis, you’d have to smoke 400,000 times the average amount in a short period of time.

5. The very first e-commerce transaction was a weed sale. In the early ‘70s, students at Stanford used the school’s Artificial Intelligence Laboratory to take part in a marijuana transaction with fellow students from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. The students used their school’s network to organize the sale of an undetermined amount of weed.

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