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    Top 10 Best Stoner Halloween Costume Ideas

    Top 10 Stoner Halloween Costume Ideas - The Oozelife Blog - Ooze Spooky October Dress Up Weed Marijuana 420 Cannabis

    Top 10 Stoner Halloween Costume Ideas - The Oozelife Blog - Ooze Spooky October Dress Up Weed Marijuana 420 Cannabis Pot Brownie

    Pot Brownies

    In 2016, Maisie Williams and Sophie Turner wore yellow Brownies T-shirts, brown skirts, and pot leaf sashes making them "pot brownies" - an idea as cute as they are.

    Top 10 Stoner Halloween Costume Ideas - The Oozelife Blog - Ooze Spooky October Dress Up Weed Marijuana 420 Cannabis Shaggy Scooby Doo

    Shaggy & Scooby Doo

    Zoinks! A costume you can do solo or with a friend. 

    Top 10 Stoner Halloween Costume Ideas - The Oozelife Blog - Ooze Spooky October Dress Up Weed Marijuana 420 Cannabis Super Troopers

    Super Troopers

    Have an old brown cop costume from a Halloween prior? Extra points if you can recruit a group of friends to play the whole gang.

    Top 10 Stoner Halloween Costume Ideas - The Oozelife Blog - Ooze Spooky October Dress Up Weed Marijuana 420 Cannabis Abbi Ilana Broad City

    Abbi & Ilana (Broad City)

    Grab a friend and attend the party as America’s stoner sweethearts.

    Top 10 Stoner Halloween Costume Ideas - The Oozelife Blog - Ooze Spooky October Dress Up Weed Marijuana 420 Cannabis The Dude Big Lebowski

    The Dude (The Big Lebowski)

    AKA "His Dudeness, or uh, Duder, or El Duderino, if you're not into the whole brevity thing" - this may be one of the most chill costumes, ever.


    Top 10 Stoner Halloween Costume Ideas - The Oozelife Blog - Ooze Spooky October Dress Up Weed Marijuana 420 Cannabis Captain Zig Zag Papers

    Captain Zig Zag

    Have an epic beard/mustache and the patience to paint your whole face? Throw on an orange beanie and you're the iconic face of those orange papers.

    Top 10 Stoner Halloween Costume Ideas - The Oozelife Blog - Ooze Spooky October Dress Up Weed Marijuana 420 Cannabis Jay and Silent Bob

    Jay & Silent Bob

    Who smokes the blunts? Let everyone at the party know that's YOU.

    Top 10 Stoner Halloween Costume Ideas - The Oozelife Blog - Ooze Spooky October Dress Up Weed Marijuana 420 Cannabis Cheech & Chong

    Cheech & Chong

    Grab a buddy and attend that Halloween party as arguably the most iconic stoners in history.

    Top 10 Stoner Halloween Costume Ideas - The Oozelife Blog - Ooze Spooky October Dress Up Weed Marijuana 420 Cannabis David Wooderson Dazed and Confused

    David Wooderson (Dazed and Confused)

    Don’t have any other ideas? It’d be a lot cooler if you did. Throw on some tan pants & a Ted Nugent shirt and you’re ready to rock that Halloween party.

    Top 10 Stoner Halloween Costume Ideas - The Oozelife Blog - Ooze Spooky October Dress Up Weed Marijuana 420 Cannabis Pot Leaf

    Just a big ol' leaf

    Really out of ideas? Just throw on a bunch of pot leafs, or one big, huge, giant one.

    Top 10 Best Cannabis Strains to Boost Creativity

    Top 10 Best Cannabis Strains to Boost Creativity - The Oozelife Blog - Ooze Weed Marijuana 420 Creative Process Art Inspiration

    Sativa strains are known for elevating cerebral effects that tend to enhance the thought process, while indica strains will induce relaxation and ease you into a sleepy haze. People have utilized marijuana to assist in fueling their creativity for a long time, as it can be a helpful tool in removing oneself from a mental/creative funk.

    Here are a few strains to consider the next time you happen to find yourself with a creative mental block.


    A multi-Cannabis Cup winner, this sativa-dominant hybrid is just as reliable and efficient as its namesake. AK-47 offers a long-lasting, uplifting high that allows your mind to wander but still stay focused on the task at hand. Users have found it easier to map out their creative thoughts while consuming this strain, and say it is ideal for hours of brainstorming as they can find themselves in a daze of creativity the entire time.

    If you cultivate your own, this is a strain to consider for your next grow if you are creative. True AK-47 will have a high THC content, but surprisingly you don’t have to worry about couchlock as it can keep you alert and mentally focused – even in social situations.

    Amnesia Haze

    Despite its name, Amnesia Haze is known to aid in productivity rather than make you forget. A regularly sought-after strain in Dutch coffee shops, this strain provides a mind-focused high that is also known to relieve anxiety.

    An 80/20 sativa dominant strain, true Amnesia Haze will have a sweet, lemon-citrus scent. You will feel happy, giggly, euphoric, energized, and, of course–creative–after consuming this strain.

    Blue Dream

    Blue Dream was born in California after a blueberry indica was crossed with the sativa Haze. This strain is known for a two-stage high: a trademark sativa hits first, then a more relaxed high is experienced in the second stage, one in which is known to aid in pain relief. Users say they like to use Blue Dream to unwind after a busy day spent developing ideas.

    This strain is also commonly used as a daytime medicine for those treating pain, nausea, and depression, due to its high THC content.


    If you are not a seasoned smoker, use caution when consuming Chemdawg as it tends to be pretty potent, with THC levels ranging from 15-20 percent. But, if you are a veteran cannabis consumer, this strain may be the strong euphoria inducing-hybrid you have been hoping for.

    Chemdawg has a very distinct, diesel-like aroma that can be smelled from a mile away. Users have expressed having a very cerebral experience along with a strong heavy-bodied feeling when consuming this strain.

    Durban Poison

    This strain is a 100 percent pure sativa that features optimal genetics. Originating from the South African port city of Durban, it is notorious for a sweet smell with energetic, uplifting effects.

    Durban Poison offers a unique taste, like that of licorice. It is known for being one of the most energizing strains around, making it ideal for long days of productive creativity.

    This strain’s over-sized resin glands also make it a popular choice for creating concentrates.

    Jack Herer

    This award-winning strain is a tribute to the marijuana activist and author of the same name. Jack Herer is popular as it is known to make its users feel extremely high while still capable of maintaining focus on creative projects.

    The Jack Herer strain was born from a mix of Northern Lights #5 and Shiva Skunk with a Haze hybrid. The creators intended to capture the cerebral elevation associated with sativa strains while also achieving the heavy resin production typical of indicas.

    Kali Mist

    This strain can not only motivate immense energy but also shake your imagination awake with creative inspiration. Users can expect a rush of energy, focus, motivation, happiness, and creativity.

    Kali Mist is also known to be an aid in pain management and is recommended among many women as being reliable in easing menstrual pain.


    This strain is known to be especially helpful in breaking through writer’s block or any other barriers of creativity. Users have described it as having a unique ability to provoke an awe-inspiring, trippy high that can fuel immense amounts of creativity.

    Unlike many of the other strains on this list, LSD is actually an indica-dominant hybrid. You’ll feel a calm, anxiety-relieving psychedelic haze that can fuel your imagination endlessly. This strain also aids with insomnia, depression, lack of appetite, and general stress.

    Space Queen

    Want to see the galaxy? Space Queen is the child of Romulan and Cinderella 99, an indica-dominant hybrid that surprisingly delivers a strong, sativa-like cerebral high that then leads into a smooth and easy come down. Users say this strain is great for artistic expression, even citing that they have experienced deep psychedelic states after consumption.

    Space Queen is known to make users feel happy, relaxed, and giggly, and is best for stress, depression, pain, and insomnia.

    Sour Diesel

    A 90 percent sativa strain, Sour Diesel originated in California and has become a popular choice among celebrities. It is even considered to be one of the most powerful cannabis strains, ever, with an aroma so potent that it can’t be mistaken for another. Sour Diesel is known to invigorate a creative flow quickly and deliver energizing, dreamy cerebral effects.

    Top 15 Books For Mary Jane Enthusiasts

    Top 15 Books For Mary Jane Enthusiasts - The Oozelife Blog - Ooze Summer Reading List Weed Marijuana Cannabis 420 Literature

    Looking for some reefer-related reading material to finish off your summer reading list? Here are 15 of the best cannabis-centric book recommendations for those who love mary jane.


    ‘Beyond Buds: Marijuana Extracts – Hash, Vaping, Dabbing, Edibles and Medicines’

    By Ed Rosenthal

    Ed Rosenthal, expert marijuana grower and a leading authority on weed, created this book that has been considered the ultimate guide to creating concentrates. Creating extracts without any prior knowledge can be dangerous, and this book delves into the safest, cleanest ways to produce them.

    This book provides insight on making kief, water hash, tinctures, topicals, edibles, and other extracts from the leaves, trim, and bud bits of weed.


    ‘Cannabis: A History’

    By Martin Booth

    This book chronicles the process through which marijuana became outlawed in the Western world, and the effect that legislation has had on the global economy. Booth goes into the smear campaign against weed in the early 20th century and the seemingly never-ending war on drugs.


    ‘The Cannabis Encyclopedia: The Definitive Guide to Cultivation & Consumption of Medical Marijuana’

    By Jorge Cerventes

    This award-winning book contains basically everything you could ever want to know about marijuana cultivation and consumption. It delves into the techniques needed to grow indoors, outdoors, and within a greenhouse. The techniques are well-researched and illustrated with step-by-step instructions.

    Each stage of plant growth is explained: seed, seedling, vegetative growth, clones and mother plants, and flowering. Information on harvesting, drying, and curing in a way that preserves the cannabinoids is explained.

    Case studies about two different indoor garden setups, a big garden in Humboldt County, CA, and Cerventes’ backyard garden is included. Every aspect of cultivating cannabis is explained in detail.


    ‘The Cannabis Manifesto: A New Paradigm for Wellness’

    By Steve DeAngelo

    Steve DeAngelo is an activist and the founder of Harborside Health Center, the largest medical marijuana dispensary in the world. This book serves as both a vision and a call-to-action.

    DeAngelo answers important questions about cannabis while asking his readers to challenge all they know about the plant. He discusses cannabis law and science, and the plant’s physical, spiritual, and psychological effects.

    DeAngelo creates an argument around health and social justice for why cannabis should be legal. He claims there is no such thing as recreational weed, that any use of the plant can be therapeutic.


    ‘The Emperor Wears No Clothes: Hemp and the Marijuana Conspiracy’

    By Jack Herer

    Chances are you’ve smoked down on some Jack Herer, the sativa strain that was named after this activist. A cannabis classic, this book was first published in 1985. Herer spent years collecting and compiling data before publishing, and it remains to be one of the most accurately informative books about cannabis.

    In this book, Herer discusses the plethora of uses for hemp and the war against the marijuana plant. He also delves into the lies surrounding cannabis, the petroleum industry’s attempts to keep legalization from occurring, and the history of the plant. He additionally digs into the racial implications of prohibition.


    ‘The Entrepreneur’s Guide to Cannabis: Concentrated Advice From 25 Industry Leaders’

    By Michael Zaytsev

    Interested in starting a cannabusiness? Let your motivation, creativity, and drive be kick-started with this book. This guide provides interviews with some of the most knowledgeable minds in the marijuana industry. Experts include CEO Scott Reach (multiple Cannabis Cup winner), CEO Steve Angelo (owner of the world’s largest dispensary), Cy Scott (Leafly co-founder), and more.

    If you are considering opening your own dispensary or otherwise entering the cannabis industry, this is a must-read. It offers advice from 25 of the industry’s most notable innovators and investors, like Ethan Nadelmann, the Executive Director of the Drug Policy Alliance, who ‘Rolling Stone’ once referred to as the “real drug czar.”


    ‘Green: A Field Guide to Marijuana’

    By Dan Michaels, photographs by Erik Christiansen

    A book with hyperdetailed photography, this field guide provides the lineage, flavor, and characteristics about some of your favorite strains.

    Whether you’re a seasoned stoner or general pot enthusiast, this book will teach you more about what you’re smoking so you can better enhance your high.

    You’ll learn about the variations of lineage, flavor, and mental/physical high that accompany 170 different strains.


    ‘How to Smoke Pot (Properly): A Highbrow Guide to Getting High’

    By David Bienenstock

    David Bienenstock is the cannabis journalist (former editor of ‘High Times’ and ‘Vice’ columnist) who wrote this entertaining guide to all things weed. This book will teach you the history of marijuana, the difference between wax and shatter, and how to properly roll a joint. This guide is perfect for both newbies and veteran enthusiasts.

    This book includes insider advice from Willie Nelson, Melissa Ethridge, and Dave Chapelle. It answers questions like “How can I land a legal pot job?” and “Should I eat a weed cookie before boarding the plane?” It will take you through the plant’s lifecycle from farm to bowl, explore cannabis customs, culture, and travel.


    ‘Just Say Yes: A Marijuana Memoir’

    By Catherine Hiller

    In possibly the first marijuana memoir ever published, author Catherine Hiller recalls her positive relationship with cannabis over a fifty-year period, how it has affected all aspects of her life, from motherhood, work, sex, friendship, and marriage. Hiller describes her experience with weed at Woodstock and during her time in New York City in the ‘60s. This book proves that it is possible to live a normal life while being a regular marijuana consumer.


    ‘The Little Black Book of Marijuana: The Essential Guide to the World of Cannabis’

    By Steve Elliott

    This concise cannabis guide explores weed culture and history. It covers the essentials in terms of using, cultivating, cooking with cannabis, identifying strains, and understanding the legal and health issues that can accompany use.


    ‘Marijuana for Everybody!: The Definitive Guide to Getting High, Feeling Good, and Having Fun’

    By Elise McDonough

    Presented by ‘High Times,’ this illustrated handbook is a comprehensive, accessible guide to marijuana, the culture behind it, and its uses. Subjects include: what pot is and how it works, tips to manage your high, cooking with cannabis, FAQs and a section titled “I’m High, Now What?” with activities for the freshly baked.


    ‘Marijuana Grower’s Handbook: Your Complete Guide for Medical and Personal Marijuana Cultivation’

    By Ed Rosenthal

    Another work from Ed Rosenthal, this prepares beginner to advanced level readers with the knowledge, skills, and techniques necessary to grow great ganja both indoors and outdoors. Rosenthal has over 30 years of experience growing marijuana, and this book can teach you the most efficient ways to save time, labor, and energy, resulting in lots of bountiful buds.


    ‘The Official High Times Cannabis Cookbook: More Than 50 Irresistible Recipes That Will Get You High’

    By Elise McDonough and the editors of ‘High Times’ magazine

    This cookbook is the first from ‘High Times’ magazine. It includes easy, accessible recipes and tips to make cooking with cannabis easier. You’ll find an array of recipes for any occasion, like appetizers, entrees, stoner sweets, cannabis cocktails, and holiday feasts. Recipes include Time Warp Tamales, Sativa Shrimp Spring Rolls, Pico de Ganja Nachos, and Pineapple Express Upside-Down Cake.


    ‘The Pot Book: A Complete Guide to Cannabis’

    By Julie Holland

    A complete educational guide to weed, this book can teach you about marijuana’s psychological and physiological effects, along with its place in policy, parenting, creativity, spirituality, and business. Julie Holland is well-known psychiatrist, and this includes contributions from Andrew Weil, Lester Grinspoon Tommy Chong, Allen St. Pierre from the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws, and more.

    This book delves into the top ten marijuana myths and encompasses a broad spectrum of information from stoner customers to scientific research. This guide provides necessary facts and authoritative opinions on a subject full of myths, misconceptions, and stereotypes.


    ‘Smoke Signals: A Social History of Marijuana – Medical, Recreational and Scientific’

    By Martin Lee

    Martin Lee, an award-winning investigative journalist, observes a complex landscape where legal ambiguity and scientific breakthrough meet. Lee sheds light on underreported scientific breakthroughs that have been reshaping the therapeutic landscape. He discusses how treatments for cancer, heart disease, Alzheimer’s, diabetes, chronic pain, and lots of other conditions have been developed using the marijuana plant.