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    Corporate Jobs for the Everyday Toker

    Corporate Jobs for the Everyday Toker - The Oozelife Blog - Ooze Career Marijuana Cannabis Industry Legalization

    By 2020, the marijuana industry is estimated to be worth over $20 billion. With more US states recreationally legalizing, more room is being made for fans of weed to be able to incorporate that interest into their occupation.

    Here are some career paths to consider if you enjoy cannabis and would like to be a part of the industry:

    Master Extractor

    This position is one of the highest paying, most dangerous, and most sought-after careers within the marijuana industry. A person with this title is responsible for creating concentrates from cannabis, like oils and shatter.

    Master extractors must be very knowledgeable about the process to avoid explosions, especially when handling large amounts at a time. It is imperative to know about room venting, how to monitor alarms for gas leaks, as well as all the techniques necessary to maximize extraction potency.

    Extractors convert cannabis into oil or other forms to be compliant with state laws. Many states within the US have legalized medical marijuana, but some of those states don’t allow patients to smoke or consume edibles. The demand for concentrates is also increasing with the rising popularity of vaporizers.

    Properly doing this job can be tricky, therefore most master extractors must have a PhD in biochemistry with degrees in science and engineering. Master extractors can make up to $250,000 annually and be capable of landing a $70,000 per year spot as soon as they are done with school.

    Edible Chef

    Marijuana edibles are an enormous market, and something new is being created every day. If you’re good at making edibles taste little like weed and more like something delicious, this may be the career for you.

    A cannabis chef must be skilled in baking as well as making tinctures, oils, cannabis butter, balms, chocolates, and more. The edibles portion of the cannabis industry is highly regulated by state laws. Ingredients and THC levels need to be appropriately labeled.

    Marijuana must be carefully infused into edibles with very specific doses for safe and measured consumption. Depending on the talent level of the chef, these professionals can earn between $50,000-$100,000 annually.


    Whether it be blogging, graphic design, video production, package design, and more, there are many different routes one could take to enjoy a career in marijuana marketing.

    A company won’t be able to succeed unless potential customers actually know they exist. Marketing professionals are necessary within this industry to create brand awareness. A marketing team will create logos, graphics, sales materials, mailers, e-mail blasts, etc., and can also manage a company’s online presence.

    Marijuana Sales Representative

    Marijuana sales representatives are the ones who create relationships between growers and retailers. 

    Sales reps are responsible for traveling to dispensaries and retailers, creating business relationships between them and growers. They must be aware of all aspects of the industry, from all the products to all the regulations.

    Like a traditional salesperson, a large percentage of the cannabis sales rep’s salary comes from commission, and this position can expect a base of about $60,000 annually.

    Cannabis Consultant

    Someone who understands all the ins-and-outs of the marijuana industry could have a career as a consultant. Cannabis consultants offer their advice to hopeful growers and dispensary owners on how to build their businesses. Consultants can earn $100,000 if not more per year.


    Lawyers who specialize in weed-related matters can assist in getting marijuana businesses up and running. Strict regulations make it difficult for dispensaries, and legal assistance is often needed to keep things above board.


    Accounting professionals are always needed to manage budgets, payroll, taxes, and more. Just like any other business, marijuana-related companies must keep track of their records and finances.

    Interested in finding a position in the marijuana industry? Here are three weed-related job boards to check out:

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