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    News — police raid

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    Denver Police Raid Two Cannabis Bus Tours

    Denver Police Raid Two Cannabis Bus Tours - The Oozelife Blog - Ooze Smoking Legalization Law Enforcement Regulations Discreet Public Private Property

    Thirty-one people were cited for public consumption, marijuana possession, and other “unlawful acts” when undercover police raided the buses of two cannabis tour companies in Denver last week: My420 Tours and Colorado Cannabis Tours.

    Two undercover officers signed paperwork to join the Colorado Cannabis Tours members-only club and boarded the company’s limousine-bus, which was then pulled over by another patrol car for an alleged turn-signal violation.

    CEO and founder of Colorado Cannabis Tours, Michael Eymer, told Denverite that this act was meant to send a message.

    “They were forcible with the guides — forcibly removed them from the bus — two young girls, held their hands behind their back like criminals. Honestly, it was very heavy handed,” said Eymer.

    According to Denver’s 9NEWS, cannabis regulators have been arguing for months about whether these buses are operating legally, since it is not legal to consume marijuana in public. Both bus companies involved in this raid argue that their buses do constitute private property, and that they operate under the same guidelines as party buses – where patrons are allowed to consume alcohol.

    9NEWS also stated that limousines are included among legal places for consuming cannabis, as long as a partition separates the passengers from the driver.

    "I find it hard to believe that a $300,000 limousine party bus that has very dark tinted windows that is not open access could by any way be considered open or public," said Danny Schaefer, CEO of My420 Tours.

    Colorado Cannabis Tours will cover the citation costs for their patrons affected during this raid – a cost of at least $6,000, Eymer told Denverite.

    “They certainly ruined everybody’s fuckin’ vacation,” said Eymer.

    Regardless of this legal complication, both My420 Tours and Colorado Cannabis Tour Buses are reportedly still operating as usual.

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