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    News — pothead

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    Hit Your Ooze Pen Anytime, Anywhere in a Vape Hoodie

    A young man with light blue/silver hair wears the Ooze vape hoodie and has the drawstring in his mouth. He leans against an orange shipping container in a junkyard, and is exhaling smoke.
    The Ooze Vape Hoodie is the stoner equivalent of those silly drinking hats, except it’s actually discreet (and actually cool). All you have to do is slip one end of the drawstring onto your pen and inhale through the other end.

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    Dry January: Why a Tolerance Break is a Good Thing

    A free-standing desk calendar for January 2020. Details are pink and teal on the calendar.
    Taking a “t-break” (tolerance break) gives your body time to flush out the THC and CBD so their effects will be stronger when you reintroduce them. Remember when a hit was all you needed? Imagine cutting your intake in half and still getting just as stoned, if not more!

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