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How To Be A Productive 'Pothead'

How To Be a Productive Pothead - The Oozelife Blog - Ooze Smoking Working Motivation Lazy Stoner Stereotype Sativa Strains

Marijuana doesn’t have to fully lock you to your couch and make you lethargic. It can actually be an awesome aid in accomplishing tasks.

Thankfully, it seems society’s attitude towards marijuana is changing and it is becoming more acceptable as more people make the consumption of cannabis a part of their daily routine. Unfortunately, being a functional member of society while high can still be accompanied with a stigma.

Here are some do’s and don’ts to guarantee you stay productive while you consume.

Stay Organized

It is important to stay well organized if you smoke regularly and are trying to remain productive. Ensure you make your tasks and responsibilities a priority. To-do lists are a great way to stay focused on the errands at hand.

Make a list of both short and long-term tasks that you need to accomplish, along with reasonable deadlines. Prioritize by what is most important, what should be done first, and the duration each task should take. The feeling of checking off each item as complete is pretty satisfying.

When you achieve goals you set for yourself, you boost your confidence and motivation, which leads to higher productivity.

Determine Your Tolerance

Weed has never been stronger, and not everyone has the same level of tolerance. Determine yours and be aware of the strength of the cannabis you are consuming. This will allow you to be high while still being engaged and properly performing your daily activities.

Choose Your Strain Wisely

Sativa and indica are the two major strain categories, but they are also often combined to create different hybrids. There are so many variations of hybrids to choose from, and there’s something to meet everyone’s specific needs.

Look for sativa-dominant strains when you need energy and an uplifting high where your focus and creativity is increased. Indica-dominant strains are meant to relieve stress, help users sleep, or serve as a painkiller, and would be better to consume at the end of the day when you have completed your tasks and you are ready to unwind.

Try a lighter strain of sativa with a high CBD content for your daytime consumption.

Diet & Exercise

Maintaining a balanced diet and regularly exercising is important for anyone who consumes cannabis daily. Weed can make you feel exhausted and even hungover when consumed over a long period of time, and exercise will speed up your metabolism, helping you stay active.

The food you consume affects your brain. A neglected diet can have subtle emotional consequences that can affect your life greatly.

Stick to Light Snacks

Don’t consume a heavy meal after smoking, otherwise you could fall asleep sooner than you’d like. Foods high in oil and carbs can make even sober people less productive. Try to stick to lighter snacks that will help with creating natural energy like fruit, smoothies, and dark chocolate.

Don’t Stop Moving

If you are high and struggling to stay focused, try to avoid sedentary activities, or anything that is just going to lead to you melting into your couch. Tasks that require movement/walking – like going grocery shopping or taking a trip to the post office – are great monotonous tasks that can be easily accomplished while high.

A huge killer of productivity is lost momentum. Try to keep going until you absolutely must stop. Even a “well-deserved” break can lead to your day ending earlier than you would like. It takes less energy to begin and complete a task if you are already moving. If you reward yourself with too many bong hits, it will be difficult to get moving again.

Pace Yourself

Setting the proper pace in all your activities will result in productivity. Too slow of a pace will feel like your tasks take forever, too quick and you risk work that is sloppy and riddled with mistakes. If you are going to smoke while you work on your tasks, ensure you are keeping your high level and smooth, and consuming at regular intervals.

Don’t Sabotage Yourself

Provide yourself the proper environment to foster the right frame of mind for a productive day. Working while in bed isn’t always conducive and working in lazy clothes might make for lazy work.

Keep your stash in a room separate from the one you are working in, so you aren’t tempted to indulge every time you glance over. Try to remove all distractions from your work area.

Don’t Make Excuses

You can be a cannabis user and still be productive. Don’t use being high as an excuse, otherwise you let the “lazy stoner” stereotype win.

Unless you’re consuming cannabis strictly for medicinal purposes, marijuana is a privilege. Weed is meant to be used to enhance your life, not hinder it. You can be a regular cannabis user and still achieve all your goals.

Be Realistic

Demotivation can occur when you feel overloaded, but also when you sell yourself short in terms of how much you can accomplish. Set realistic, achievable goals. Try to find that perfect balance between challenging yourself and setting your expectations too high.

You have to know how to handle yourself both when you are sober and when you are high. You must know your limits, when you have smoked enough, and whether you can honestly handle being high while at work. You have to determine whether being stoned while working is safe for you and your coworkers. By knowing your limits and to exercising self-discipline, you can not only be a productive “pothead” but also even excel as one too.

If you are stuck working a job you don’t truly enjoy, smoking is sadly going to make you enjoy it even less. To truly be a productive “pothead,” you must be doing something you love, as weed can only enhance a job you already enjoy. If you aren’t doing what you love right now, keep working towards that – it is worth it.

Willpower is Key

If you decide to take a break to get high, ensure you don’t fall into a trap of procrastination. Be mindful of how marijuana can kill your motivation and try not to let it. Keep moving, complete all the tasks you intended, and enjoy a more rewarding high knowing your responsibilities have been handled.

Self-control is just as important as disproving the stereotype of the “lazy stoner.”

Just Wait

Timing your sessions appropriately can boost your levels of productivity. If you are preparing for a meeting or involved in a project that requires your full attention, consider waiting until you’ve accomplished the task to light up. This method could serve as an additional bit of motivation to finish your task faster and be able to truly enjoy your high.

Take Occasional Breaks

If you are a long-term recreational cannabis user, you may find your tolerance is quite high and that it can be difficult to get sufficiently baked. Taking an occasional break, whether for a few days or a few weeks, can help to reset your tolerance, making your marijuana experience more enjoyable.