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    Celebrate OIL Day (7/10) and Take a Dab With Ooze!

    Cannabis concentrates in a small glass jar; live resin dab sauce oil diamonds are being taken out of a container in preparation for a dab.
    710 flipped upside down spells out OIL, which means 7/10 is now just like 4/20 for dabs! Celebrate this stoner holiday filled with concentrates and don't forget to bring your favorite Ooze piece to enjoy multiple different dabbing methods.

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    The 2021 Ooze 4/20 Stoner Gift Guide

    The 2021 Ooze 4/20 Stoner Gift Guide
    Every stoner's favorite holiday is approaching fast! Check out our 2021 4/20 Gift Guide to find the piece that will make your 4/20 extra special, and keep you extra lifted. Order now to receive it by the big day!

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    What is a Nectar Collector? (& Why It's Sweet to Take Your Extracts To-Go)

    Graphic that reads "What is a nectar collector?". A white female hand is holding a red silicone straw and green and black silicone straw, both straws have a titanium nail inserted.
    Concentrates are a very efficient way to get high, but needing to use a big, confusing dab rig can be daunting. The nectar collector is a portable way to dab, and makes the whole process a whole lot easier!

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    Rejoice! 12 Days of Oozemas Deals Are Here

    Graphic for the 12 Days of Oozemas holiday shopping promo. It is a green background with white gifts with green ribbon, and bold green and blue text.
    The holiday season is officially here, and we're kicking it off with the 12 Days of Oozemas! Each day will feature a different best-seller at 15% off for that day ONLY. Check back in each day to see the new featured product!

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