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    How Our Generation Has Affected the Music Industry

    How Our Generation Has Affected the Music Industry - The Oozelife Blog - Ooze Vape Weed Marijuana Smoking Inspiration Cannabis

    It would be difficult to imagine a world without the creative genius of iconic artists like Jimi Hendrix or The Beatles leaving their mark on the music industry forever. Have you ever wondered the secret to how your favorite music came into existence? Or maybe what lead to the evolution of genres and artists we know and love today? It just so happens that the use of cannabis throughout modern history has had a huge impact on our culture in several fascinating ways.

    How Our Generation Has Affected the Music Industry - The Oozelife Blog - Ooze Vape Vaporizer Pens Kits Inspiration

    1. The creation of EDM

    Among all the new genres that have inevitably been altered by the use of marijuana, EDM by far has the most colorful culture. Think of all the festivals you went to (or wish you did) this summer. Body paint, bandannas, and glitter are prevalent, but the best accessory never fails to be your favorite Ooze vape pen ;).

    1. Lyrics become more ambiguous

    There’s a reason why jamming out with the band and helping come up with new lyrics will forever be infinitely more fun than writing that boring research paper due next Tuesday. Music and art clearly show how cannabis and creativity go hand in hand. Poetry will never be the same.

    1. Weed smoking artists become cultural icons

    Surprisingly enough, many artists have managed to build their entire careers around their love for Mary Jane. From Snoop Dog, to Rihanna, to Lil Wayne, to even the members of One Direction, there is no denying the huge role that weed has played in their lives.

    1. Music sounds better high

    Have you ever tried to figure out why so many of us enjoy our favorite music 1,000 times more after smoking? “Good vibes” isn’t just a phrase that you see on teenage girls’ t-shirts anymore. Weed can be a powerful stress reliever and has the ability to help “get out of your head” so to speak. This has caused music sales to skyrocket and has, without a doubt, positively impacted the industry in a big way.