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    Smoke Tricks That Will Make You a Pro

    Smoke Tricks That Will Make You a Pro - The Oozelife Blog - Ooze Vape Pen Vaping Blow Os Ghost Inhale Dragon

    At Ooze, we’re sure that your best portable vape is fun on its own, but what if we told you that you can do tricks? Simple smoke tricks like rings have been around for a long time, and the vaping community is no exception! With this handy how-to guide, we’ll walk you through some of our favorite techniques, and soon enough your friends will have to start calling you Gandalf.


    Just one note before you begin: we recommend eliminating as many wind sources from your room as possible. Close your windows, and turn off fans and A/C. The less air flow there is, the more successful you’ll be.

    First up is the the Ghost Inhale. Often called the Snap Inhale or Mushroom Cloud, this simple trick is a great place to begin honing your new vapor skills. The Ghost Inhale involves creating a ball of vapor within your mouth, exhaling, then quickly sucking, or “snapping,” it back in. To do this, take a long drag from your vape pen and let it sit in your mouth for a few seconds. As it lingers, try to form the vapor into a ball by puffing your cheeks out, then sucking them in. The key is to keep the vapor in your mouth and not inhale into your lungs. Once it’s condensed, try to push the ball out of your mouth in a short burst with your tongue or a small exhale, being careful not to simply blow. When the vapor ball is out, quickly inhale to suck it back in. Once you’ve mastered the technique, you’ll figure out why it’s called the Ghost Inhale -- it’s gone as quickly as it appears!

    Smoke Tricks That Will Make You a Pro - The Oozelife Blog - Ooze Vape Pen Smoking Vaping Pineapple Express Ghost Inhale


    Our next trick is called the Dragon. As the name suggests, the Dragon will have you looking like one of our favorite mythological beasts! By blowing water vapor out through the sides of your mouth and your nose, you’ll create a very intimidating, yet cool effect.


    So how do you perform a technique that’s enough to impress Daenerys Targaryen? It’s not as hard as it seems; the important part is to remember to keep the middle of your mouth shut while the sides are left open. As with the Ghost Inhale, start with a long drag, but don’t inhale fully. When your mouth is full of vapor, forcefully exhale simultaneously out of your nose and the sides of your mouth. Masses of vapor will flow out, looking like a dragon ready to spew fire. The Mother of Dragons called, and she wants her children back!


    After mastering the Ghost Inhale and the Dragon, you’ll want to move onto smoke rings. These can take some practice, so don’t get discouraged if they’re not immediately perfect. As always, this trick starts with a pull from your water bubbler or pen. With the vapor towards the back of  your throat, shape your mouth into an “O,” keeping your lips tucked inward and your tongue in the bottom of your mouth. When you’re ready to exhale, push out small amounts vapor by snapping the back of your tongue upward in a short, pulsing motion. Once you’re comfortable with this technique, you’ll be blowing “O’s” like the pros!


    Just like all other aspects of life, vapor tricks take time and dedication, and if you keep working at them, these techniques will become second nature. Eventually, you can even blend them together to create new tricks of your own. Until then, these skills should be just what you need to take your water vape pen to the next level, and we’ll be here keeping an eye on new ways to impress.      


    Your Vape Guide to Music Festivals This Summer

    Your Vape Guide to Music Festivals This Summer - The Oozelife Blog - Ooze Vape Pen Vaping Vaporizer

    Summer is upon us, and that can mean only one thing: festival season! While you’re enjoying the sights, sounds, and eats, we’re sure you’ll want to bring your favorite vape pen along, so strap on your fanny pack and buckle up those Birkenstocks, because we’re here to talk festival tips!

    Before enjoying the musical stylings of your favorite artists, it’s imperative that you read up on their smoking and vapor policies. Having your water vape pen taken away at the gate is enough to put a damper on any occasion, so knowing your event can prevent such a disaster. Most events, like Bonnaroo, Coachella, and Lollapalooza, list their policies in their FAQ section, while others can be a little more discreet. For those that don’t list their policies directly, try the festival forums. Previous festival-goers will have a wealth of information to offer! You could always try winging it, but we promise you’ll be glad you planned ahead.

    Once you know where your event stands on vaporizers, you’ve got to choose the right pen for the job. Coachella approves of single-use minis and mid-sized vaporizer pens and electronic cigarettes, but bans liquid refills, so keep such a distinction in mind when you’re packing for your event. If you’re camping, glass is often prohibited, so double-check before grabbing your water bubbler. If you’re not sure, our Slim Twist Batteries are your best choice for smoking on the go; the sleek, streamlined profile fits perfectly into any travel pouch, and it has an auto shut-off feature so it will never overheat in your bag.

    When you’ve made it to the event, you’ll want to make sure to keep track of your stuff. Lockers can be a great place if you’re stowing your items for an extended stay. Electric Forest even offers lockers with access to mobile charging! If lockers aren’t quite what you’re looking for, try fanny packs. They might look lame, but they’ve got a functionality that doesn’t quit, and we guarantee you won’t be the only one with one on! If you’re still not convinced, purses and backpacks are definitely acceptable, and while they’ll keep your vape pen close at hand, the convenience of reaching down in front of you can’t be beat! 


    Speaking of close at hand, we don’t recommend pulling out your pen in a mosh pit at an event like Riot Fest. That’s how things get broken or lost. If you are heading in, hand your pen to a friend or keep it some place secure. Sharing is caring, and you’ll be thanking yourself later! Above all, be conscious of others’ space. Blowing vapor into someone’s face is not cool (unless they’re into that kind of thing). Sometimes it can’t be helped, but try to stay aware of your surroundings. We’re all here to have a good time, so respect others, and you’ll be making new friends in no time!


    Between scoring your tickets and getting to the event, music festivals can be a stressful occasion, but we believe packing your favorite portable vape shouldn’t be. Festivals are THE events of the summer, and having your best vaporizer will help you enjoy the tunes that much more; just heed our advice and it’ll be smooth sailing.

    Ooze – Making Your Travels That Much More Pleasant!

    Ooze - Making Your Travels That Much More Pleasant! - The Oozelife Blog - Vape Pens Vaporizer Kit Travel Portable Easy Convenient Discreet

    Traveling can be extremely stressful – with all the planning, budgeting, airports and crowds. At Ooze, we have created products that will not only improve your everyday life, but your traveling experience as well!


    Portability and discretion are of the utmost importance when traveling, which makes our products the perfect accessory Our vape pens are slim, easy to use and easily concealable. When it comes to packing your luggage, the Ooze pen can fit almost anywhere. We even offer various kits that come equipped with everything the traveling patient might need – unit, charger, container and spare parts, all packed into one case!

    Our travel vaporizers make traveling a breeze for patients who rely on consistent holistic treatments. Not only is vaporizing odorless, but it’s also a lot more inconspicuous than the classic joint. Electronic cigarettes are permitted in public areas and are allowed on most airplanes, (obviously as long as you follow local laws – vaporizing in designated areas, not in vehicles or buildings) so just make sure to abide by all laws and you will be fine!


    We’ve entered an era where vaporizing has become much more accepted in society, especially as an alternative to smoking. Next time you’re planning a trip, make sure to add an Ooze product to the list for quick and discrete relief, wherever you go!

    Misconceptions About the Vape

    Misconceptions About the Vape Vaping - The Oozelife Blog - Convenient Health Benefits Alternative to Tobacco Cigarettes Affordable Cost Effective Vape Pen Kits Ooze Non-Toxic

    Longtime vapers may read this and roll their eyes, but the vast majority of people get the facts wrong about vaping, so let’s set the record straight. Many worry about what they are ingesting when they inhale from a vape pen. That mysterious clear liquid must be full of toxic chemicals, right? How else do they get it to taste so good? WRONG.

    Misconceptions About the Vape - The Oozelife Blog - Ooze Vaping Vaporizer Pen Kits Health Conscious Healthy Benefits Alternative to Smoking Tobacco Cigarettes Discreet Convenient Non-Toxic

    The truth is that e-liquid is typically only made with minimal ingredients-- all of which you can actually pronounce out loud without having earned a Chemistry degree or, more realistically, binge watching Breaking Bad. Electronic vaporizers are a healthy and convenient alternative for those who dislike the idea of subjecting their lungs to the harmful carcinogens of a cigarette. One of the biggest benefits of swapping smoke for vapor is that there is no longer a risk of inhaling tar, the dark sticky substance that damages lungs, stains teeth, and even discolors furniture. With vaping, that tar gets replaced by water, which is not only better for you, but secondhand smoke is eliminated altogether.


    Surprisingly, even after purchasing a high end vape, such as the Ooze Drought Vaporizer Kit, vapes still beat out cigarettes in long-term cost effectiveness. It almost sounds too good to be true that a safe and affordable smoking alternative actually exists, let alone the fact that vapes make your breath smell like candy, but the facts don’t lie. Whether you’re hitting up your favorite music festival or visiting grandma’s house for the weekend, electronic vaporizers are discrete, yet effective. It makes perfect sense that with all the recent advancements in technology in a world that is progressing faster than ever before, the tobacco and marijuana industries would be subject to change as well. The vape pen is one of the products of this amazing advancement, and its future is only getting brighter.

    Hidden States to Smoke Your Concentrates

    Hidden States to Smoke Your Concentrates - The Oozelife Blog Travel Road Trip Summer Vape Rules Laws Ordinances Colorado Denver Florida Tampa Michigan Detroit Up North Oklahoma Nashville Tennesee

    As the weather takes a turn for the better, we’re all looking forward to heading outside, and with Ooze, smoking on the go has never been easier. Summer brings the urge to explore, and dreams of the perfect All-American road trip come rushing in. Although our vaporizers are a breeze, navigating different state smoking laws sometimes isn’t, so we’ve made a list of a few places where vapers can enjoy their pens worry-free. If you’re heading out for a vacation this summer, why not give one of these vape-friendly states a try?

    ooze on the go Hidden States to Smoke Your Concentrates - The Oozelife Blog - Travel Vape Pen Vaporizers Road Trip Summer Rules Laws Ordinances Vacation


    This one likely goes without saying, especially since Colorado is known for some pretty progressive laws, making traveling as a patient a little easier. At the State level, vaping is only prohibited on school properties, with localities determining further regulation for themselves. Denver is a big draw for vapers, as many indoor venues permit vape pens, and public spaces are flexible as well. If you’re hoping for a place to enjoy your water vape and fresh mountain air, look no further!



    With its beautiful beaches, gorgeous weather, and numerous theme parks, Florida is already a top vacation destination, and with its vape-friendly attitude, you’ll be in even more of a hurry to get there. Although cities issue their own vape regulations, Florida is one of the best states to be a vaper. Since there aren’t state laws to restrict vape pen and e-cigarette use, you’ll find people everywhere puffing happily away. Additionally, Tampa is home to the Vaping Convention Circuit, which aims to educate and expose the public to the benefits of vaping and the various products available.



    Okay, we might be biased on this one, but Michigan’s vape laws are fairly limited. In general, vaping is prohibited on a case by case basis, with colleges, universities, and businesses electing to adopt their own regulations. However, vaping in public spaces is largely undefined, and as the state is one of the top producers of craft beer, the two go hand-in-hand. Brewery road trip, anyone?



    We’re just as surprised as you are, but when it comes to vaping, Oklahoma is happy to oblige. Vapes and e-cigarettes are prohibited on State property, as well as Department of Corrections facilities, vehicles and grounds. Beyond that, bars and restaurants are fair game. Several restaurants in Oklahoma City have been featured on various food TV shows, so if you find yourself in the Sooner State, why not stop for a bite at Cattlemen’s Steakhouse, then head to one of the many vape shops in the OKC area? 



    If music is your passion, check out Tennessee. Home to Nashville, the state is a mecca for music and entertainment fans, and with absolutely no ban on indoor vaping, your portable vape will have just as much fun as you do. Downtown Nashville has tons of music clubs and honky-tonk bars, and the city has one of the best foodie cultures in the country. In Nashville, you’ll never be short on things to do, and you’ll be free bring out your favorite vape pen as much as you wish.

    There are many places in the country where you can enjoy water vapes, and these are just a few of our favorites. If you’re planning a trip this summer, consider one of these vape-friendly locations! With Ooze, our vape pens and water bubblers are ready to go whenever you are, wherever you are; all you have to do is get there!