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    News — water bubblers

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    Smoke Any Way You Please With New 4-in-1 Devices!

    The Ooze Clobb and Cranium. The teal Clobb to the left has the Armor bowl inserted and is showing the nectar collector feature. The Rasta Cranium on the right has banger inserted, Armor bowl disassembled and yellow Ooze slim twist pen.
    We're leveling up from our classic 2-in-1 hybrid pieces like the Kettle, Stack, Steamboat, and the Trip. Check out our brand new Clobb and Cranium 4-in-1 hybrids that can be used not only as a bong and dab rig, but also as a nectar collector and Ooze pen adapter!

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    Best of Both Worlds: Silicone-Glass Pieces for Flower and Concentrates

    The Ooze Stack, Steamboat and Trip silicone-glass water pipe bubblers sit together on a shelf. The Stack is blue, green and white with a flower bowl, the Steamboat is red and black with a banger, and the Trip is purple with a banger.
    At Ooze, we’ve dedicated years to creating new and exciting high-quality products for the vaping and cannabis industry. Now, we’re introducing the next generation of water pipes: three new silicone-glass bubblers that you’re going to want to add to your collection. 

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    Top 10 Cannabis Industry Terms

    Top 10 Cannabis Industry Terms - The Oozelife Blog - Ooze Vape Pen Vaporizer Marijuana Weed Smoking Flower Kush Shatter

    Top 10 Cannabis Industry Terms - The Oozelife Blog - Ooze Definitions Marijuana Weed Extract Concentrate Wax Oil CBD THC

    - For most Cannabis enthusiasts flower was the first introduction to the weed scene. It has been a cornerstone for Marijuana smokers from the first day people started smoking. The quality of flower alone is noted to be getting better by the minute. Some common nicknames for the original marijuana flowers are called bud, nugs, wacky tobaccy, herb, or broccoli etc. Flower comes in a multitude of strains varying in appearance, smell, and potency.

    2. Kief
    - Kief, also known as dry sift, is the substance that coats each and every marijuana bud. The crystalline/sticky substance holds much of the unique properties that come with marijuana flowers. Terpenes, the key ingredient for giving weed its distinctive taste, and cannabinoids, known for giving some healing products to marijuana, are both packed into these tiny kief glands. Kief can be collected in the bottom of a grinder to give an extra punch of cannabinoids and terpenes in your next sesh!

    3. Edibles
    - Cannabis infused foods are often referred to as edibles and are not for the faint heart pot enthusiast. Edibles are known for their prominent potency due to the way the body digests THC. First time edible users are often suggested to take caution when it comes to eating the right amount. Marijuana extraction methods are used to get pure THC out of the flowers and straight into your food. Edibles can and are made of nearly any and every food now a days with doses for the newbies to the experienced veterans.

    4. Shatter
    - Shatter is the most recognizable and often sought after form of marijuana concentrates. Shatter is often made with same extraction process of many other concentrates by blasting the Weed with butane. Shatter makers often go for the clearest look possible even though there have been some studies disregarding shatter’s color to its potency. Shatter can come in all textures and consistencies with some being very hard and brittle to others carrying a more runny and goopy texture. Shatter is also known for making some amazing wax art at various festivals and events.

    5. Rosin
    - Rosin is currently the newest and easiest cannabis concentrate to make at home. Rosin is strictly the concentrate that comes out when pressing a marijuana bud with any type of hot plate. This at home method usually consists of a bud, hair straightener, and parchment paper to catch all of the rosin. In a business setting something as big as a printing press may be used to take out as much rosin from buds as possible. This method of extraction is sometime preferred because of it’s simplicity to complete and lack of substance needed to extract the rosin, leading to a more pure and potent product. These concentrates are falling into the ever-growing category of solventless concentrates.

    6. Crumble
    - Crumble is similarly made like many other concentrates, but the key difference is its consistency and temperature. This change in temperature and thickness creates a substance that is much more pliable and malleable than most concentrates. Crumble acts just as it’s name suggest: it is very crumbly and easy to break apart to apply on any weed concoction. Crumble also lights and burns unlike any other concentrate. It almost turns into a complete liquid before actually being smoked. The like of concentrates usually comes through personal preference and figuring out what you exactly do and don’t like with each concentrate.

    Methods of inhalation:

    7. Joints and Blunts
    -Joints are often the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about smoking marijuana and its original roots. Joints are made up of rolling papers, very thin papers used for smoking marijuana. Simple as that. Joints are filled with marijuana, often grinded, and formed into a stick like shape and is smoked like a typical cigarette or cigar. On the other hand, blunts also have marijuana rolled up but this time the paper used is a cigar leaf. Most often a cheap cigar will be split and filled with ground marijuana. Blunts are known for the simplicity and rolling and the slow burn that they have. In recent years, newer types of blunt wraps have become available. Hemp leaves are a new alternative for blunt fans to smoke up with. King Palm wraps for example, offer a tobacco- and chemical-free way to smoke your bud. Slow burning and pre-built, King Palm Wraps deliver an elevated blunt smoking experience.

    8. Pipes
    - Pipes and smoking weed have also gone hand in hand for as long as marijuana has been around. Pipes, usually made of glass are blown or shaped by glass blowers and sold typically in smoke shops. Pipes are relevant for their convenience and simplicity to light up virtually anywhere with minimal amounts of weed. You can buy a pipe that varies in price from crazy expensive to extremely affordable. Also popular are water pipes, or bongs. These pieces take water into filter the smoke before it reaches your lungs. The smoke is pulled through the water, which acts as a filter before shortly pulling the bowl to release all of the smoke and clear your hit. 

    9. Vaporizers
    - Vaporizers are the new wave when it comes to smoking weed in modern times. Vaping weed is know to be the most healthy form of inhalation of weed due to its ability to extract THC from all plant matter. Vaping weed works by heating up a small chamber via convection or conduction. Convection works by heating up air and pushing it past the cannabis while conduction is performed by heating up the area that consumes the bud.

    10. Unconventional Methods
    - Sometimes having a little bud does not mean that you have something to smoke it out of. When you are in one of these situations it is critical that you get very creative. There are two roads most often traveled when trying to create a homemade piece to smoke out of. Food/ Fruit and Bottles/Cans are usually the simplest items needed to create a quick and easy piece. Fruits such as apples and carrots can be cut out to have an airflow and bowl piece whole to effectively deliver a hit. The bottle and can methods can be manipulated in any way you mind desires, but make sure you don’t let the ash fly into your mouth!


    *Disclaimer: Ooze does not condone any unconventional ways of smoking. We are a vaporizer and accessories company and only endorse healthy and safe ways to consumer whatever is being smoked.

    Hidden States to Smoke Your Concentrates

    Hidden States to Smoke Your Concentrates - The Oozelife Blog Travel Road Trip Summer Vape Rules Laws Ordinances Colorado Denver Florida Tampa Michigan Detroit Up North Oklahoma Nashville Tennesee

    As the weather takes a turn for the better, we’re all looking forward to heading outside, and with Ooze, smoking on the go has never been easier. Summer brings the urge to explore, and dreams of the perfect All-American road trip come rushing in. Although our vaporizers are a breeze, navigating different state smoking laws sometimes isn’t, so we’ve made a list of a few places where vapers can enjoy their pens worry-free. If you’re heading out for a vacation this summer, why not give one of these vape-friendly states a try?

    ooze on the go Hidden States to Smoke Your Concentrates - The Oozelife Blog - Travel Vape Pen Vaporizers Road Trip Summer Rules Laws Ordinances Vacation


    This one likely goes without saying, especially since Colorado is known for some pretty progressive laws, making traveling as a patient a little easier. At the State level, vaping is only prohibited on school properties, with localities determining further regulation for themselves. Denver is a big draw for vapers, as many indoor venues permit vape pens, and public spaces are flexible as well. If you’re hoping for a place to enjoy your water vape and fresh mountain air, look no further!



    With its beautiful beaches, gorgeous weather, and numerous theme parks, Florida is already a top vacation destination, and with its vape-friendly attitude, you’ll be in even more of a hurry to get there. Although cities issue their own vape regulations, Florida is one of the best states to be a vaper. Since there aren’t state laws to restrict vape pen and e-cigarette use, you’ll find people everywhere puffing happily away. Additionally, Tampa is home to the Vaping Convention Circuit, which aims to educate and expose the public to the benefits of vaping and the various products available.



    Okay, we might be biased on this one, but Michigan’s vape laws are fairly limited. In general, vaping is prohibited on a case by case basis, with colleges, universities, and businesses electing to adopt their own regulations. However, vaping in public spaces is largely undefined, and as the state is one of the top producers of craft beer, the two go hand-in-hand. Brewery road trip, anyone?



    We’re just as surprised as you are, but when it comes to vaping, Oklahoma is happy to oblige. Vapes and e-cigarettes are prohibited on State property, as well as Department of Corrections facilities, vehicles and grounds. Beyond that, bars and restaurants are fair game. Several restaurants in Oklahoma City have been featured on various food TV shows, so if you find yourself in the Sooner State, why not stop for a bite at Cattlemen’s Steakhouse, then head to one of the many vape shops in the OKC area? 



    If music is your passion, check out Tennessee. Home to Nashville, the state is a mecca for music and entertainment fans, and with absolutely no ban on indoor vaping, your portable vape will have just as much fun as you do. Downtown Nashville has tons of music clubs and honky-tonk bars, and the city has one of the best foodie cultures in the country. In Nashville, you’ll never be short on things to do, and you’ll be free bring out your favorite vape pen as much as you wish.

    There are many places in the country where you can enjoy water vapes, and these are just a few of our favorites. If you’re planning a trip this summer, consider one of these vape-friendly locations! With Ooze, our vape pens and water bubblers are ready to go whenever you are, wherever you are; all you have to do is get there!