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    News — weed industry

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    Do Your Research Before You Take Your Next Hit

    Two full gram thc vape cartridges lay on a white background next to a marijuana leaf.
    You’ve seen plenty of boomers on social media share news of the so-called “vaping crisis” at one point or another. However, it’s not likely to be the general act of vaping that’s putting users at risk, but rather vaping cartridges with dangerous additives.

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    It's 2019, Do I Still Need a Medical Card?

    It's 2019, Do I Still Need a Medical Card? - The Oozelife Blog - NuggMd License Med Card Easy Online Application and Approval
    There’s truly no downside to possessing a medical card. It saves you money, gives you added legal protections, and now you can get one by just sitting on your couch. NuggMD is a 100% online medical card evaluation service that connects an individual with a licensed, professional, HIPAA compliant and confidential doctor via video chat. 

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