The Best Way to Store Weed

The Best Way to Store Weed

If you’re an experienced smoker, you know how quickly weed can dry out if left exposed, or even in a plastic bag. But did you know that the chemical composition of cannabis actually changes when exposed to all kinds of environmental elements?

A white guy is holding a plastic baggie full of cannabis nugs. The ziplock is open and the photo is framed to look like he is offering the contents to you.

To maintain the sticky-ickiness of your bud, it’s important to know best storage practices. Trust us, your supply will go much further and will get you lifted, even if it’s been months.


Does weed “go bad?”

Cannabis is a natural (and unstable) substance, so it can degrade over time if exposed to certain environmental factors. Obviously, oxygen is one that most stoners are aware of and know to keep their bud in an airtight container. But even UV light, moisture and temperature, and the material of its storage container can alter the chemical construct of your weed.

The chemical structure of a THC molecule is shown on top in white, and the chemical structure of a CBN molecule is shown in white on the bottom. The background is green with weed leaf detail.

So what do they do, exactly? Prolonged exposure to these elements turns THC into CBN, or cannabinol. CBN is present in marijuana in small amounts when it’s fresh and does have some positive properties, like relief from pain and insomnia, but it’s not very psychoactive at all. If you’re smoking old weed and only feel sleepy and not high at all, it’s likely that your THC content is lower than the CBN.  


Therefore, the most important factors for your weed container are:

  • An airtight seal
  • A material that won’t degrade terpenes
  • UV light protection
  • Bonus: smell proof!


How should I store my weed?

A white female hand with light blue nails holds two of the Sir Inks-a-Lot octopus design of the Ooze Designer Mylar bags. This is the 1/8oz size.

Mylar bags are a classic choice, and a common packaging choice from dispensaries. Mylar is a heat-resistant form of polyester that protects all those precious terpenes, even if you have it in a warm space. Our new designer series of mylar bags are airtight and even have a child-safe locking closure. They’re dark, so UV light won’t taint your weed, and they’re smell-proof (double win!) Since even the slightest tear can let in moisture and oxygen, they are super durable and scratch-resistant so you can trust nothing is getting in. 


These affordable and reusable bags come in 8 different designs that all feature the famous Ooze rolling tray art so you can store in style. They are also available in two different sizes: 1/8oz and 1oz. Both size options come in a 10-pack box.

 A white male hand is holding a small glass mason jar with a chrome lid. The jar is filled with cannabis nugs.

If you’re in a crunch and don’t have time to invest in a good storage option yet, a Mason jar you have lying around the kitchen is a great option. The only downside is that light can get in as they’re transparent, so keep it in a dark, dry place.

4 Ooze Prizm silicone glass stash jars are shown on a white table against a red-orange background. They are all filled with weed, and the teal and green jars have the lids open. The black and Rasta are in the back, and the green one is laying on its side.

Our other new storage addition, The Prizm, is our take on the Mason jar—with a few updates. It’s made of glass where it counts so that no silicone taste lingers after a hit and terpenes are protected longterm. We love silicone for weed products, though, so we did have to add it in somewhere. The multi-ridge silicone lid locks for an airtight seal, and the silicone sleeve keeps some UV light out (more than a typical Mason jar) and adds even more durability. You can toss it right in your bag without worrying about cracking it. The Prizm holds up to 7g of flower and has a nice wide mouth for large nugs. Learn all about the Ooze Prizm here!

Especially if you have a large supply of weed you smoke for months, it’s crucial to store it in a container that protects it from heat, light, oxygen and moisture. Check out our new mylar bags here so your bud stays sticky and gets you high no matter where you keep it.

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