The Best Ways to Smoke on the 4th of July!

The Best Ways to Smoke on the 4th of July!

The 4th of July is our time to let loose, so live it up this year with a weed buzz! Of course, we have certain recommendations of how, what and when to smoke on our favorite patriotic holiday. No matter what your plans are this year, there’s a perfect way to enjoy your bud. Check out 4 ways to celebrate the 4th with a smoke sesh! 

1. Have a cookout and take a dab  

Nothing goes better with a little weed buzz than good food, so whip out the grill and the rig! You can’t go wrong with classic 4th of July food staples like hot dogs, but you can always get ambitious and create a whole spread for your friends and family.  

A white person's hand is inserting a gold Ooze dab tool into the banger of a pink Ooze Ocean Series Recycler Mini Rig. There is a Rasta Geode stash jar in front.

For a chill backyard soiree, whip out the Ocean Recycler mini rig. What makes it especially perfect for outdoor gatherings is that it provides a potent hit, but it’s small, light and portable. Plus, the recycler loop that acts like a handle, making it even easier to include everyone in on the fun.

A piece of wax paper with concentrate on it is sitting on an ooze Oozemosis glass rolling tray. A Hot Knife is attached to a white Quad battery that is laying next to the tray.

Use the Hot Knife electric dab tool (which heats up with a 510 thread battery) to make sure no wax goes to waste—and so you don’t run out of wax completely catering to your guests. It also helps with transferring wax into the banger or coil so you can always replenish the banger quickly!


2. Hit the water with your wax  

Before you hop on the boat or hit the beach, pack up your dabs! If you really want to take your chillaxing to the next level on your 4th of July staycation (even if it’s only for a day), wax is the only way to do it. And speaking of staycations, we found a few great cannabis-focused getaways in Michigan that are just perfect for celebrating the land of the free!

A white woman's hand is holding the rainbow Ooze Pronto electronic nectar collector like she is about to dip it into a jar of wax.

Regardless of whether you’re hitting the road, boat or beach, the Ooze Pronto is the easiest way to take a dab. You can take this handheld electronic vaporizer anywhere, and throw it right back in your beach bag after a hit. So if you have wax at home, there’s no need to bring a whole rig with you and struggle to protect the torch from the wind. It’s also great for new dabbers since you can more easily control your hit than with a full dab rig.


3. Host a backyard game day with bud

For down-home American vibes, organize a game day and break out the flower and bong. You can even do this last-minute by putting together some DIY lawn games in your backyard. Dig some cans out of your recycling bin and set up bowling with a baseball or whiffle ball. Or, play a stoned game of capture the flag with your friends. Even simpler yet, find a fourth of July-themed trivia or charades game online.  

The purple Mystic Ink Ooze Mojo hybrid piece is sitting on a picnic table and is being used as a dab rig with the banger inserted.

The best way to enjoy a hot summer night outside is with some good old-fashioned weed—and the best way to smoke weed is with a nice bong rip. The multi-functional Mojo water pipe makes your hit super smooth with a percolator in the downstem for extra filtration. Plus, it acts as a vape, dab rig and dab straw as well. With all these features, it’s still shaped like the classic bong for that old-school feel, perfect for a summer night with friends. 


4. Watch the fireworks and hit the vape 

A white girl with sunglasses and blue hair is holding an Ooze Twist Slim Pen in her hand as she's standing outside peering over a wall.

Obviously, fireworks are a must on the 4th of JulyIf you’re heading into town or a crowded park for the show, bring your vape along. The best way to smoke discreetly is with odorless oil—you don’t want to be paranoid about the people around you catching a whiff. This way, you can enjoy your favorite herb and remain inconspicuous!  

The best way to add some extra whimsy to your fireworks vape sesh is to use the glow-in-the-dark UFO device. It’s a 4-in-1 device that can be used with any pre-filled 510 thread cartridge. You might think the glow would draw more attention, but the fireworks will distract everyone else from the light around your picnic blanket. You’ll get to bask in it on the DL—just like your buzz! 

Whatever your plans are for the holiday, invite Mary Jane along with the help of your favorite devices. We hope you have an Ooze-tastic 4th of July! 

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