The Ooze Banger Hanger is the Sticky Storage Solution of Your Dreams

The Ooze Banger Hanger is the Sticky Storage Solution of Your Dreams

Similar to a jewelry tree that keeps your chains from getting tangled, we created the Ooze Banger Hanger for your dabbing supplies! Now you have a way to keep your bangers all in one place and away from your clean surfaces. Store up to three bangers (male or female) on this colorful stand and forget the days of cleaning up sticky messes or losing track of your pieces.

 All 5 Ooze Banger Hangers are displayed. The green one is out of its box, with two bangers inserted and two adapters laying next to it. The rest of the pieces are in their original packaging, stacked behind the green one.

The Banger Hanger is a platinum-cured silicone storage accessory to hold and display your dabbing parts. You can either pop your banger over top of the ribbed silicone attachment, or remove the attachment and insert it for more security (or if it’s smaller). Use the ribbed silicone attachments to hang your female pieces, so no matter what, you always keep your wax from clinging to anything nearby. You can even rest your nail and smaller parts on the base’s ridges. The Banger Hanger is heat-resistant, so you can immediately place the banger or nail on the stand without worrying about damaging it.

 The aqua teal Ooze Banger Hanger is held up in front of an Ooze Candy Shop flag. The Banger Hanger is full, with a green Ooze Armor bowl on the left and two Ooze Glyco bowls: yellow in the middle and orange on the right.

Although bangers are not included with the Banger Hanger, it is compatible with all 14mm and 18mm bangers. If wax isn’t your thing, you can still use the Banger Hanger for your detached bowls. Our silicone Armor bowl, used for both flower and 510 thread cartridges, snugly fits into the Banger Hanger as well as the downstem of any bong you have. The Ooze Glyco Glass Bowl, filled with colorful glycerin that freezes for a smooth hit, would also be a beauty atop the Banger Hanger.


Since the whole point of the Banger Hanger is to make dealing with messy wax easier, it comes completely apart for easy cleaning. Just put all five pieces in the dishwasher when dab residue starts to build up. To get all the nooks and crannies as good as new, remove the stickiest attachments and simply use a wet wipe. Silicone’s flexibility makes it easier to rub off tough wax.

 A female hand holds the red Ooze Banger hanger in her hand. All three branches have a banger inserted. Two are male, and on the right is a female connected to a ribbed silicone adapter.

Besides the easy usability of the Banger Hanger, it’s a great way to display your prized dabbing and smoking accessories. With five bold colors to choose from and fun tree trunk texture, the Banger Hanger is a decorative piece and conversation starter. Because of this, it also makes the perfect gift for your dabbing friend. They’ll be mystified that you knew exactly what they needed to solve their biggest dabbing dilemma.


Whether you’re a seasoned dabber or are just beginning a wax regimen, the Banger Hanger will solve all your sticky wax woes. No more chucking your fragile glass pieces into a box to be hidden from sight—proudly store your bangers and bowls on a fun display! Your friends will get a kick out of the Banger Hanger, and you’ll just be happy that your smoke sesh will be scrub-free.
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