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Red Bird Bundle #1

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Does one of your favorite teams have a big red bird as the mascot? Or do you just love the red, black, and chrome color scheme? Then bring the Red Bird #1 Bundle home with you before the next game, party, or event!   read more
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Each piece in this bundle is a testament to individuality and unity, allowing you to match your mood while staying connected to the team spirit. Crafted with precision, our vaporizers combine sleek aesthetics with cutting-edge technology to deliver clouds of satisfaction with every inhale.

Ooze Spirit Bundles aren’t just for sports teams! Support your alma mater, add some variety to your collection, or just rock the colors you think look best. Use the Twist Hot Knife to load dabs into your Beacon, then unscrew the tip and pop a 510 cart onto the battery! These are designed for on the go use, and for taking with you to add a pop of those important colors to whatever you’re wearing.

  • Midnight Sun Beacon
  • Black Smell Proof Wristlet
  • Chrome Twist Hot Knife