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Ooze Grinder Tray - Silver

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The Grinder Tray is a combination weed grinder and rolling tray that is so simple, yet so genius! Grind your nugs in the grinder and they drop down directly onto the tray, which has a funnel shape that can precisely pour the ground bud into a rolling paper or bowl. read more
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Save time and make way less of a mess when you break it down and roll it up using a Grinder Tray! This plastic piece is strong and durable, and creates a nice, consistent grind. It drops down right onto the rolling tray, so there's no need to dump anything out. Give the grinder end a little bump to coax the ground bud into the main rolling tray area. This triangular tray directs the ground bud to the funnel end. This end has a small opening that you can pour the weed right into your bowl or rolling paper. Forget about having to pinch the weed, getting kief stuck under your fingernails and making a mess! This is a quick and efficient way to pack a bowl or roll a joint.
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