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Limited Edition Chroma Metal Rolling Tray

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Experience Chroma, a vibrant world that revolves around good vibes. This is the limited-edition 2023 Ooze Theme of the Year design!  read more
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Roll up in style whenever you’re rolling up on an Ooze tray! These classic metal rolling trays are a staple in any smoker’s home. Break down your bud to roll it up in your rolling paper, wrap, or cone or pack a fat bowl. It’s the perfect smooth, flat surface with rounded edges so no crumbs or kief gets stuck in a corner or seam.

Rolling trays don’t always have to be used for weed-related purposes. Use one as an extra plate when you’re camping, hang it on the wall as art, or even use it to hold all your makeup while you’re applying. These are flat enough to fit in any backpack, and the small size can even fit in a purse.

  • CHROMA | The Chroma design is a vivid, colorful world that is packed with surprises. Keep staring at it and you’ll keep noticing new details. The characters and images are brightly-colored and really pop against the solid background.
  • OOZE TRAY | Ooze rolling trays are known for being bold and colorful. Made of high quality, smooth metal, a solid rolling tray is an essential accessory for anyone who smokes.
  • TWO SIZES | The Ooze Chroma rolling trays are available in two standard sizes: small and medium. The small tray is 5” x 7” and the medium is 7.75” x 10”.
  • MULTI-USE | Rolling trays are not just for breaking down weed and rolling it up! Use the Chroma tray as a camping plate, a paint palette, makeup tray, or even a piece of wall art.
  • LIMITED EDITION | Ooze creates new rolling tray designs every year. The Chroma rolling tray is a collector’s item because it will only be available for a limited time. Shop the entire Chroma collection here!