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Ooze X Stache Connectar - 510 Thread Nectar Collector Vape Pen Attachment - Gold

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Attaching the gold ConNectar to the battery is a breeze. Separate the three pieces of the ConNectar for the easiest application. Screw the airflow base, or the little piece underneath the plastic straw, directly onto the battery as you would an oil cartridge. Slide the straw mouthpiece ... read more
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Ooze ConNectar instantly transforms any regular 510 thread vape pen battery (we recommend the Slim Twist!) into a nectar collector device. Typical dab attachments to enjoy concentrates with a standard vape battery screw onto the top of the device, and then you load the wax into a chamber and on top of a coil. With the ConNectar, you save a few steps and there is no need to handle those sticky substances!
  • 512 THREAD | The Ooze ConNectar instantly transforms any 510 thread vape battery into a nectar collector. This attachment is compatible with most shapes of batteries but will not work with an auto draw device.
  • HOW TO USE | Separate the three pieces of the ConNectar for easy assembly. Screw the airflow base directly onto the battery, slide the plastic straw mouthpiece over the base and push it down into place, then screw the Clapton coil tip on top and enjoy!
  • CLAPTON COIL | The ConNectar features a Clapton coil tip. This tip has a large surface area and produces thick, flavorful clouds that highlight the flavors of the terpenes in the extracts. Try out different temperatures with different strains; different power levels bring out different flavors!
  • DABBING | Insert the Clapton coil tip directly into the jar of wax to take a dab. Press the battery button down to heat and watch for a small amount of smoke to come out before making contact with the wax. This ensures the tip is hot enough and won’t waste any product.
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