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Booster Extract Vaporizer – C-Core 1100 mAh - Rainbow

Get the boost you need, when you need it with the Booster! Featuring the C-Core Onyx Atomizer and offers both a portable vape and water pipe experience.


The Booster was designed with versatility in mind, and we packed a whole lot of punch into this portable two-in-one vaporizer device. At the heart of the Booster is the C-Core Onyx Atomizer. This provides insanely potent, smooth airflow, maximum flavor production, and more even heating throughout your session. It also ensures the vapor you inhale is 100% heavy metal free.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve never used concentrates before or if you’ve been dabbing for years, this device is incredibly straightforward to use and maintain. Twist the mouthpiece like an ignition key to reveal the Onyx Atomizer. Load your extract onto the Azul ceramic core heating dish and replace the mouthpiece. Click the button 5x to turn it on and press the button to heat up the C-Core to take your dab.

Use the Booster traditionally in hand as an on the go device, or relax at home and use the water pipe adapter to enjoy a dab rig experience without the torch. Just remove the cap on the bottom and insert the frosted glass adapter into a 14mm rig to enjoy an even smoother hit thanks to the water filtration.

*Smoking Reel video credit to Latina Beauty (@latinabeautty)


  • C-CORE ONYX ATOMIZER | Load your extract into the Onyx Atomizer and experience better, faster flavor without burning through product quickly. Each dab receives very even heat, which leaves only tiny amounts of residue behind.
  • SUB-OHM VAPING | The Booster has a resistance of 0.8 ohms, which makes this a sub-ohm vape. The low resistance allows the Booster to produce more vapor to inhale while amplifying the flavors for huge, tasty clouds.
  • LOAD & GO | Using the Onyx Atomizer is so simple. Twist the mouthpiece to reveal the bucket and load your dab onto the core dish. Start off with just a tiny bit or go full dab mode. Either way, your lungs are going to feel the full power of the C-Core!
  • 1100 MAH | Pack the Booster & take it to go without worrying about it dying on you while you’re out and about. The 1100 mAh battery provides plenty of power and lasts for plenty of sessions.
  • TORCHLESS DAB RIG | Use the Booster as a traditional dab pen with a weighted base that feels like a high quality device in your hand. Or, add a bit of luxury to your session by removing the bottom cap and inserting the frosted glass adapter into a 14mm water pipe for a dab rig experience without the hassle or risk of using a butane torch.
  • HEAVY METAL FREE | The C-Core Onyx Atomizer uses an Azul ceramic core, which is the blue heating dish in the base of the bucket. There are no exposed metal heating elements, providing you with 100% heavy metal free vaping.
  • PASS-THROUGH CHARGING | Don’t let a dead battery kill your buzz! Use the included type-C charger to use the device while it’s charging. Make sure to always use the Ooze charger, and always use a wall outlet.

Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews

Top shelf product. Will totally be recommending to others


Took me a min to hook it up but it was worth it! I use it with the chill ooze water pip and both I would recommend. 100%

Love the Booster

Love how easy it hits. It's easy to use. Multi-use is perfect. Definitely my favorite dab rig

The Rainbow Ooze Booster Extract Vaporizer is shown as a traditional vape with 2 extra Onyx Atomizers to the right. One is upright and the other is on its side.

Booster Extract Vaporizer – C-Core 1100 mAh - Rainbow

Get the boost you need, when you need it with the Booster! Featuring the C-Core Onyx Atomizer and offers both a portable vape and water pipe experience. 
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