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    Way back when vaporizer batteries were a new concept, you could find super cheap, generic options on the counters of gas stations and in smoke shops, but these weren’t quality products you could trust. Our founders were sick and tired of dealing with batteries dying after one charge, or having them overheat in their pockets. They decided to create a brand of quality batteries equipped with safety features that could bring some accountability to the industry. And thus, the Ooze brand was born.  

    Since then, our product line has grown to include pieces in just about every category of cannabis accessory. From our signature vape pens and atomizers, to silicone bubblers, bowls and bongs, to portable dab rigs and rolling trays, we truly do it all! 

    We strive to cater to the everyday user; someone who loves all forms of cannabis and is always looking for cool new ways to imbibe, but without the inflated price points. Our brand is all about bright, bold colors and making our own fun. The Ooze team is made up of cannabis enthusiasts who are always on the hunt for the next cool product. We’d never bring a product to market that we would not use ourselves. 

    If you’ve got your own feat of stoner engineering you’d love to see come to life, shoot us a message here and who knows, we might make it happen!