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    Bundle Your Batteries

    Now, you can save money by bundling batteries in a single color of your choice!

    - 3 Slim Twists for $50

    - 5 Slim Twists for $75

    - 10 Slim Twists for $140

    Why Should You Grab A Bundle?

    Save Money

    Our bundles are an amazing deal. You will always save money on products in a bundle, with an average markdown of 30%!

    Great Gifts

    Ooze bundles make awesome gifts. Plus, you can split them up and give pieces to multiple people on your list.

    Dope Stickers

    Ooze Bundle comes with tons of fun stickers. You will love the designs our Ooze Artists have made over the years!

    The Top Fan Bundle is the ultimate party pack for anyone who lives the Ooze Life. We’ve picked our all-time favorite green products. No matter what you’re looking to smoke, between flower, dabs, and/or carts, you can use a piece from this all-green collection.

    If there’s one thing Ooze is best known for, it’s our vapes! But with so many options nowadays, how do you decide which one best fits your needs? The Great Vapes Bundle is the best way to try out of our 3 most popular vaporizers, which can all be used with 510 thread oil cartridges for concentrates!

    Take this spacious smell proof backpack to class, to the gym, on a road trip, or to pregame without having to worry about odors. Our other accessories are also quick, easy to use, and store in your bag! Here at Ooze, we’re all about working smarter, not harder.

    Shop Bundles

    Ooze Glyco Glass Bowl - Slime Green Replacement Parts
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    Ooze Glass Blunt Slider - Green Accessories
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