Bundle Your Batteries

Now, you can save money by bundling batteries in a single color of your choice!

- 3 Slim Twists for $50

- 5 Slim Twists for $75

- 10 Slim Twists for $140

Why Should You Grab A Bundle?

Save Money

Our bundles are an amazing deal. You will always save money on products in a bundle, with an average markdown of 30%!

Great Gifts

Ooze bundles make awesome gifts. Plus, you can split them up and give pieces to multiple people on your list.

Dope Stickers

Ooze Bundle comes with tons of fun stickers. You will love the designs our Ooze Artists have made over the years!


It's Time for Spring Cleaning!

It doesn't matter if you smoke once or twice a week, or are ripping bowls all day long, you're going to have to clean your piece eventually! This grimy chore takes way less time and effort when you make it a regular habit.

The Clean Team Bundle includes all of our Ooze Resolution cleaning supplies so you can refresh your pieces after every sesh. Use the wipes on a daily basis to get rid of resin build up in your bowl, and the Res Gel + Caps for deeper cleaning sessions.

Ooze Resolution products complement each other and work as a "Clean Team" to prevent any hand pipe, bong, or rig from being coated in disgusting residue ever again, all with minimal effort!

with a Bundle!

Shipping is free when you spend $80 on our site, which makes our discounted bundles even more appealing! Instead of adding products à la carte at full price, select a pre-assembled bundle that saves you money on each product AND eliminates your shipping cost.

*Using a discount code may bring your total back under $80, making you pay for shipping. If this is the case, try adding another item to your cart to find that sweet spot that earns you a discount AND free shipping over $80!

Mystery Bundles

Do you like to live life on the edge? Love a good surprise? Then our Mystery Bundles are right up your alley! We won't tell you exactly what's included in either, but we guarantee it's a dope party pack with everything you need to complete a solid smoke session.


The Perfect Kit for Beginners!

The Pronto electronic concentrate device makes it easier than ever to take dabs anywhere. It's perfect for beginners because there's only one button and only takes a few seconds to heat up. It's practically impossible to mess up!

While this electric dab straw always provides a smooth experience, we have a few favorite accessories that make it even better. We put together a whole Starter Pack for the Pronto that gives you back up coils, a place to store your wax, and a pack of our brand new Ooze Resolution Res Wipes to wipe the coil down after each session.

The Rainbow Bundle was made for our customers who are never inclined to buy a discreet or monochrome device. We are all about living life in full color and we know our customers are, too! This bundle comes with 3 of our most popular rainbow vapes pens in a stunning oil slick finish you will love!

If there’s one thing Ooze is best known for, it’s our vapes! But with so many options nowadays, how do you decide which one best fits your needs? The Great Vapes Bundle is the best way to try out of our 3 most popular vaporizers, which can all be used with 510 thread oil cartridges for concentrates!

Have you been looking to get more into concentrates, or have a friend you want to convert over to the dab side? While the higher potency and need to use a torch can be intimidating, dabs are fun! We put together a starter pack that includes all the essentials for an exceptional experience. All you need to do is add wax and a torch!

The EXTREME Ooze Bundle

For the True Ooze Lovers!

This is the Ooziest bundle to ever be brought into existence! The Ooze crew hand-picked 20 (TWENTY!!) of our absolute favorite pieces and created this insane mega bundle. We left no category excluded, this bundle has the goods to use with your good ol’ flower, hella dabs, and all the oil carts your stoner heart can imagine.

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