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    Carefully remove the top glass cup from the piece (be sure not to damage the downstem). Carefully twist the downstem up to remove it from the piece. Be sure to use light pressure while slowly removing the downstem. The middle silicone piece that is attached to the bottom glass water chamber should then be removed. Do not remove the water chamber from the silicone base. This should remain connected at all times. Once all necessary pieces are removed, soak all the contents and accessories with cleaner as the cleaner states. Once soaked, be sure to rinse with water and let them dry. Once dry, carefully reassemble your piece. The middle silicone section should be reassembled first, then the glass downstem should be carefully reinserted through the hole. Then reattach the top glass cup. Your piece is ready to use!

    *Ooze is not responsible for any damage occurred when cleaning your piece.