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Ooze Pronto Electronic Concentrate Vaporizer

Dabbing shouldn't have to be a whole to-do. With the brand-new Ooze Pronto electronic dab device, all you have to do to take a fat dab is open up your container of wax, turn the dab straw on, and inhale slowly. Now, you can leave your torch at home and take the Pronto with you on the go!

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2022 Theme of the Year:
Brain Storm

Every year, the Ooze crew drops a limited edition design that's made into rolling trays, vape batteries, lanyards, and Oozeified apparel. This year, our talented Ooze artists dreamed up the Brain Storm Collection, which is our depiction of a stoner's brain after a long smoke session. This design will not be here next year, so get it while you can!

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Ooze Resolution Res Wipes

Smoking out of a dirty piece is bad for your health and will diminish the flavor of your bud. Wiping your piece clean before and after each smoke session is essential to maintaining a safe and healthy stoner lifestyle. With the NEW Ooze Resolution Res Wipes, you can clean your smoking utensils in under a minute with scrubber dots on one side that work away at stubborn, stuck-on resin!

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Toxic Barrel Quartz Mini Dab Rig

Did you know quartz glass has a high heat tolerance making it an excellent material for cold-start dabbing? That's why we came out with the NEW Toxic Barrel Mini Rig, our first all-quartz dab rig. Its small build is comfortable to hold and was designed to enhance the flavor of every hit. Plus, it comes with a quartz banger, bubble carb cap, surgical steel dab tool, and Geode silicone glass stash jar to hold your concentrates!

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Hot Knife Heated Dab Tool

Concentrates are super sticky and normal dabbers are simply not cut out for the job. With the NEW Ooze Hot Knife attachment, transferring your dabs from the container to the banger has never been easier. Plus, you can use any 510 thread battery you already have! For soft concentrates, grab a dab and hold it over the banger before pressing the button to heat the tip, dropping it in the banger. For harder concentrates like shatter, heat the tip first and then use the heat to neatly cut a piece off. Take the mess out of your dabbing experience!

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Ocean Series
Recycler Mini Dab Rigs

These borosilicate glass mini dab rigs are the perfect choice if you are looking for a super potent and intoxicating hit. The Ocean Recycler Mini Rig Series features recyclers for extra filtration and vapor cooling. Plus, all Ocean Recyclers have a recycler loop that extends out the back that makes a perfect little handle to hold while dabbing!

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Prizm 7g Storage Jar for Weed

Storing dry herb products seems like a simple task but many storage containers are not viable long-term solutions for cannabis. With the NEW Ooze Prizm Storage Jar, you can easily protect your precious bud from harmful UV rays due to the jar's unique protective silicone sleeve. This weed container also has a thick silicone base piece that acts as a bumper against any hard surface. Plus, the Prizm is equipped with airtight technology and can hold up to a quarter (7g) of weed!

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