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    The Ooze Advantage Club was created to help benefit our loyal fan base. As dedicated customers of Ooze, we want to reward you for your support. This is why we have launched the Ooze Advantage Club. Located at the bottom of the page in its own tab, simply select the tab and enter in your information. Earn 200 points right away just for signing up! For every dollar spent with Ooze, you will earn 1 point. You also have the opportunity to earn 25 points for sharing on Facebook and 25 points for sharing on Twitter.


    Review a product
    25 Points
    Place an order
    1 Point for every $1 spent
    Like on Facebook
    5 Points
    Follow on Twitter
    5 Points
    Share on Facebook
    25 Points
    Follow on Instagram
    25 Points
    Share on Twitter
    25 Points
    200 Points

    We thank you, our fans, for helping us grow the Ooze brand. So, take advantage of the club and earn/spend your points the best way you know how.

    Thank you,