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    Back in December, members of Congress were given just 2 short hours to look over the massive spending bill, or FY 2021 Omnibus Appropriations Bill. This 5,593-page document had an amendment to the PACT (Prevent All Cigarette Trafficking) Act hidden inside that includes a new ban on mailing vapes. 

    The PACT Act was passed back in 2009, and places a variety of restrictions on tobacco products. These include prohibiting the use of the U.S. Postal Service for delivery (except under specified circumstances), implementing labeling requirements, age verification, and tax reporting requirements. 

    As if this whole conundrum wasn’t confusing enough, there are no direct guidelines spelled out for the USPS to follow in the PACT Act. They have until April 26, 2021 to come up with their own guidelines, and a public comment period is still currently open. You can click the link below to submit a comment on why you think these regulations should not apply to Ooze or any other cannabis-related vape products, and that the PACT Act should only apply to nicotine vaping products. 


    New Guidelines

    Now that the FY Omnibus Appropriations Bill has been passed, online vape companies are now prohibited from shipping any vaping products via the USPS unless it is going to a licensed distributor. This indirectly targets any cannabis vaping devices and accessories (like the batteries, accessories and kits Ooze sells) because it goes after products that allow any substance to be vaporized and then inhaled. 

    This ultimately means that all vape devices and accessories will be treated just like a cigarette. It is illegal to send or receive tobacco products in the mail, and now electronic devices (whether they are intended for nicotine or not), will be banned from being mailed. 

    Due to the burdensome requirements that have been put in place for shipping any vaping products, other major shipping services are following suit behind the USPS and no longer allowing the shipment of vape products.  


    What Does That Mean For My Ooze Products?

    The new law is set to take effect on March 27, 2021. This is the deadline for vape companies like Ooze to register with the ATF and state tax regulators. We are doing all we can to make sure that everything is up-to-date on our end once these new rules go into effect.  

    We recommend stocking up on any Ooze vape products you plan on purchasing in the near future! Although we will still be able to ship you your Ooze pens and other vaporizer accessories through a private carrier, our prices will reflect the newly-imposed taxes and fees that now accompany the shipment of any vape product. We want to keep our prices as affordable as possible, and there is still time to make your voice heard! Please submit your own comment to the USPS on this matter, and let them know that it’s better for everyone to leave cannabis out of the PACT Act! 


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