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Duplex On Pack

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Keep that Duplex hitting, rip after rip, with the Duplex On Pack! Never let a connection issue or dirty atomizer slow you down, we’re hooking it up with a 100ct box of our alcohol-soaked Micro Swabs for maintenance made easy.  read more
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The Duplex Pro is an Ooze staple. It’s a reliable vape with a big 900 mAh battery and includes a cute matching atomizer for dabs. If you’re looking for a device to conceal and protect your 510 cartridges, this is the one. You attach your cart to the magnet adapter and drop it in the Duplex’s chamber. It’ll stay safe and secure until it’s empty.

Ooze Resolution Micro Swabs are going to be your new favorite cleaning product. The slim shape makes them ideal for cleaning those nooks and crannies in your small vape devices. They’re pre-soaked, so you can unwrap, clean, and toss!

  • Duplex Pro Vaporizer
  • Ooze Resolution Micro Swabs 100ct