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Greased Light Pole Bundle

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This Spirit Bundle is a little crazier than the others, and we like it that way! The Greased Lightpoles Spirit Bundle is for fans looking for a bundle to rep their colors: black, midnight green (or aqua teal as we like to call it), and silver. read more
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The rest of our Spirit Bundles are designed to be more generic, and can apply to different colleges or pro teams across the country. The Greased Light poles, however, are special. You crazy Philly fans deserve a little something of your own, so we really hooked it up here with 2 different types of vapes and a smell proof bag to keep you handsfree (to climb the light poles of course!)

Ooze Spirit Bundles aren’t just for sports teams! Support your alma mater, add some variety to your collection, or just rock the colors you think look best. Attach the Hot Knife to your vape battery to load dabs into your Beacon, and then swap a cart onto the battery if it tickles your fancy! These are designed for on the go use, and for taking with you to add a pop of those important colors to whatever you’re wearing.

  • Chrome Hot Knife
  • Aqua Teal Twist Slim Pen 2.0
  • Black Beacon
  • Black Wristlet