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Ooze Bangarang - After Midnight

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The Bangarang is a silicone storage system and ashtray with a removable center banger piece for quick and easy dumping. Store dab tools, rolling papers, lighters, vape pens, and all your tools in the slots around the sides to keep your smoking station neat and tidy. read more
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Are you sick of your smoking station constantly being a grimey mess? Do yourself a favor and bring home a Bangarang! This all-silicone piece is both an ashtray and the new home for all of your tools and accessories. The hexagon shape has different-sized slots and holes all around the edges that are meant to hold your supplies. The center piece has a banger, or poker, to clear your cashed bowls. This middle component can also be lifted right out of the piece, so you can dump the ashtray without having to remove all the tools and then put them back. It has spots for two 5ml silicone stash jars on either side, plus room for rolling papers, lighters, vape pens, poker sticks, dab tools, loose bowl slides and bangers, and anything else you need to put away!
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