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Ooze Cruze 510 Thread Magnetic Cartridge Adapter

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The Cruze vape battery uses a magnetic 510 adapter that screws on the bottom of the cartridge and secures it to the device chamber. If you misplace your Cruze magnet, this is the replacement part to get your device back in working order. read more
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The Cruze is a style of battery we have officially retired, but if you are still using and loving your trusty Ooze Cruze, we want you to keep on keeping on! The Cruze uses a 510 thread magnet adapter to secure the coil to the device. This is a tiny piece that can get lost if you aren't careful. Without this piece, the Cruze can't function, so if you ever lose yours, make sure to buy this exact replacement part!
*USB Chargers must be used with Wall Plugs that are designed for USB Ports. Gaming devices, computers, and other electronics are not covered under warranty. 


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