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Ooze Duplex Vaporizer Replacement Magnetic Adapter for 1ml Cartridge

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The Duplex Dual Extract Vape is small and super portable, so its accessories are also small and can be misplaced. This is a replacement magnetic 510 thread adapter for 1ml cartridges, it does NOT include a cartridge. read more
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The Duplex Dual Extract Vape uses a 510 thread magnet adapter to secure the coil to the device. This is a tiny piece that can get lost if you aren't careful. Without this piece, the Duplex can't make a proper connection to the cartridge, and the device won't heat, the lights will just flash at you. If you want to use a 1ml oil cartridge or the included wax atomizer with your Duplex, this is the magnetic adapter you need. The orignal Duplex kit includes 2 magnet adapters, and this adapter is intended for the larger cartridges, so the adapter is the smaller one included in the kit.
*USB Chargers must be used with Wall Plugs that are designed for USB Ports. Gaming devices, computers, and other electronics are not covered under warranty. 


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