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Ooze EZ Pipe Hand Pipe & Lighter Sleeve - Green

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The EZ Pipe makes smoking on the go super easy, it's a mini hand pipe with a lighter sleeve! Spin the magnetic lid, pack the bowl with flower, close the lid, and extend the straw. Then just flick the lighter and inhale! read more
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We are all about convenience here at Ooze! Combination pieces are our favorite, we love to skip a step or two when it makes sense. The EZ Pipe is a small, discreet hand pipe that has a lighter sleeve. This is a "smokeless" piece, which means that no smoke escapes the piece or wafts away except for the smoke that you inhale. The bowl piece is enclosed, making your smoke session much less obvious and doesn't smell as much. Slide a standard size lighter in the opening on the side of the EZ Pipe. Then twist the top of the aluminum bowl so you can see inside. Pack the small bowl with your favorite strain and close it back up. Extend the straw mouthpiece, flick the lighter, and inhale! A small button sits under the straw that will make a poker tool pop out to clear any clogs in the bowl.
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