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Ooze Rolling Tray - Shatter Resistant Glass - Slime Carver

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Ooze Shatter Resistant Glass Rolling Trays are the perfect solution for anyone who loves the look of a glass tray on their table, but doesn't trust themselves not to break it! These trays' edges curve up slightly to keep ground bud on the tray, and they can be dropped, tossed, or bumped... read more
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The Ooze Shatter-Resistant Rolling Tray is the perfect piece for those who love the sophistication and class of a glass tray, but are prone to accidents and breaking things. We use a super strong glass that is legitimately shatter-resistant. We've thrown them around our warehouse, dropped them outside on the cement, and slammed them down on tables without leaving a single chip or crack! While these trays are incredibly durable, they are shatter RESISTANT and not shatter PROOF. We do not cover glass of any kind under the Ooze Warranty Program, so still take care when using your glass rolling tray! These rectangular trays are thick with edges that curve up to keep the ground bud collected in the center of the tray.
*USB Chargers must be used with Wall Plugs that are designed for USB Ports. Gaming devices, computers, and other electronics are not covered under warranty. 


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