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Ooze Rolling Tray - Biodegradable - Universe

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Our biodegradable rolling trays are made of a mix of mostly bamboo powder, which will break down fully in a compost environment in 1-2 years! These trays are super smooth to roll up on and feature the dope designs you know and love from Ooze. read more
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Save the earth one smoke session at a time with a biodegradable rolling tray! Roll your joints and blunts and pack your bowl on a tray that is sure to be a conversation piece. It has a unique matte finish that sets it apart from our metal rolling tray options. If you're going for a more natural look and feel, these are the trays for you! Unlike a metal tray that needs to be recycled, or a plastic tray that will never break down in a landfill, these trays are made mostly of natural bamboo. They are super strong and smooth to roll up on. Once you're done with the tray for good, you can compost it! It will take 1-2 years to break down fully, which is so much faster than the centuries plastic will sit in a landfill.
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