Product Registration

Ooze Product Warranty Registration

Congratulations on your new Ooze battery! We hope this device becomes your reliable daily driver and lasts you for years to come. The first step in ensuring you have a great Ooze experience is registering your battery in our system.


Why do I need to register my Ooze battery?

Registering your device ensures that you have purchased an authentic Ooze product and activates your warranty! Protect your purchase and help us protect our community from dangerous counterfeit devices by taking a few minutes to fill out this form and protect your purchase.


Where can I find my authentication code? 

The first step in registering your device is to locate the authentication code. You can find this code in one of two places: 

1) It is etched into the outside of your device. It will be located at the very bottom of the device, and should be in line with the button. 

2) If there is not a number etched into the outside of your device, check inside the product’s package for a small warranty card with a scratch-off section. Use a coin to scratch the silver off, and the serial number will be revealed. 

3) If you cannot locate the code on your device and your package does not have a scratch-off code, please email our support team at  

At no point should you ever try to open up the device. We do not etch authentication codes onto the actual battery power source inside the device. This is a safety hazard, and we never recommend exposing the internal components of your device or making alterations to it of any kind. 


Welcome and enjoy the Ooze Life!