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What is an

Onyx Atomizer?

The Onyx Atomizer is where you load your dabs in the Ooze C-Core devices. It is a deep bucket with a flat Azul ceramic heating core. Super even heat creates more vapor with stronger flavors & vaporizes every last bit of your dab.

100% Heavy Metal Free

The Onyx Atomizer's heat source is a flat ceramic dish, which means there is no exposure to any metal components.

These high-quality materials mean the vapor you inhale only contains the terpenes and cannabinoids you want to inhale.

Ooze Smart Ceramic is Absorbent

The Azul ceramic has millions of tiny pathways that act like a sponge, fully vaporizing the amount you load inside.

When the dish heats up, the dab melts and seeps into all these pathways. Since it can spread out evenly, it vaporizes evenly. This creates big clouds faster than most other vapes, with much more potent flavors!

Maximum Efficiency Airflow

The Onyx Atomizer has a special airflow pathway that whips the air inside into a vortex. The air is pulled in below the bucket, through the holes in the thread. It then comes up into the bucket around two sides of the Azul dish.

It then circulates around the bucket and delivers a big blast of vapor.

Easy to Clean if You Don't Go Overboard

The Onyx Atomizer has a low coil resistance (0.8 ohms) that makes it a sub-ohm vape. This means that it's going to create a nice, thick cloud no matter how much is loaded inside!

Aim your dab to land right in the center of the dish, and if you don't overload it, your cleanup will be a breeze. If you do decide to glob it, you can expect some sticky cleanup later on!

Which Oynx Atomizer is Right for You?

The Booster, Electro Barrel, and Beacon all use an Onyx Atomizer, creating a powerful dab experience no matter which device you choose. When replacing your device's Onyx Atomizer, make sure to purchase the Onyx Atomizers made specifically for that device.

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