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Glass & Silicone Bong Bowls

Are Bong Bowls Universal?

When buying a new bong or bong bowl, it's essential to know the size of the bong stem and the gender because bong bowls are not universal. The most common bong joint sizes are 14mm and 18mm. If you don't know the exact size of your bong, grab a dime. If a dime sits on top of the bong opening, it's 14mm, and if the dime falls into the bong, it will be 18mm.

The second thing you will need to understand is the gender of your bong so you can figure out what gender you'll need when your buy a new bong bowl. A female bong with a male bong bowl is the most common coupling for bongs. However, tons of dab rigs have a male rig and female banger coupling. So, how do you figure out if your bong is male or female? If your bowl has to be inserted into the bong rather than over it, it's a female bong. If you have to put accessories over the bong, it's a male bong.

Dab Nails vs Bong Bowls

Although they might look similar, dab nails and bong bowls have entirely different uses. A dab nail or banger is the middle man between your dab rig and your dabs. Bangers are made of a heat-resistant material that can take the heat of a torch. It would be best not to use a banger for smoking weed as it is specifically designed to be used for smoking concentrates. Learn more about dabbing in our blog!

Just like with bangers, the bong bowl piece is the middle man between the bong and the weed. It is designed to be taken on and off your bong so you can pack it full of bud, light it up, or take it off once a cloud has filled your bong’s chamber. A bong bowl should also never be used with dabs as they are designed with different materials and shapes that won’t work with concentrates. 
Learn about how much water to fill your bong or dab rig with in our blog!

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