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Collection: Brink Dry Herb Vaporizer

What is the Brink?

The Ooze Brink is a pocket-sized dry herb vaporizer built with our Nano-Glazed ceramic. This provides big terpene flavors and ensures every last cannabinoid you pack into the chamber get vaporized.

While the Brink may not have a fancy screen that talks to you, it's incredibly simple to set up and use. Pack the chamber, turn it on, select your temperature, and let it run! This device is always on the Brink of a good time.

The Brink is also our very first sub-ohm vaporizer for flower! This means that you'll enjoy amazing airflow and taste all the terps in your bud.

• Powered by the Nano-Glazed C-Core Atomizer
• Faster Heating. Better Flavor. Smarter Vape.

Learn all about our Nano-Glazed ceramic tech here!

The Ooze Brink Features:

0.5g Chamber

10-12 Sessions per Charge

Battery Life Indicator

Flex Temp

4:20 Sesh Time

Nano-Glazed Heating Chamber

How to Use the Brink

Before using your Brink for the first time, register your device to activate the warranty. Your authenticity code can be found on the back of your Brink.

Register Your Device

How to Load Your Brink

1. Pull the magnetic mouthpiece off the device.

2. Pack up to 0.5g of herbs in the Nano-Glazed chamber. We recommend a medium grind; not too chunky and not too fine or powdery.

*If you have finely ground herbs, use a screen! These sit right under the mouthpiece and will catch debris before you inhale it.

3. Use your finger to gently press down on the top of your herbs, but don't stuff them down in there. You still want to get some good airflow going. Replace the mouthpiece.

How to Set Your Temperature

Once your bowl is packed, click the power button 5x to turn the device on. It will automatically start heating to the temperature you used during your last session.

If you'd prefer a different temperature, use the +/- buttons to change it. Hold the power button down for 2 seconds (until it buzzes) and it will start heating again.

The 3 temperature ranges are:

  • Low: 320°F-340°F
  • Medium: 350°-370°F
  • High: 372°-400°F

How to Find Your Temperature Sweet Spot

Since you aren't choosing a precise temperature, the beginning of your 4:20 session will be at the lower end of your chosen temp range, and it will end with the higher temperature.

Ex: low will heat to 320° and slowly make its way to 340°.

Make sure to experiment with the different levels! They provide very different experiences.

The low range will produce very little vapor, but you will REALLY taste the terpenes! Higher temperatures will produce more vapor with that distinct dry herb vape flavor.

**One thing to keep in mind is that using a dry herb vape tastes VERY different from smoking a joint or out of a piece. Since you aren't using a flame, the vaporization of your bud has more of a "baked" or "toasted" taste than what you're used to. Don't be alarmed, this is normal!

The Brink Uses 3 Heat Methods

Far Infrared Energy

Ooze C-Core dry herb vapes are the only flower vaporizers on the market to utilize far infrared energy! This advanced heat penetrates deep into the center of the chamber, making sure even the most central leaves are evenly toasted.

Other vapes only heat around the sides, leaving the middle green and untouched. This wastes your weed! The far infrared energy paired with the pill shape of the Brink's chamber targets the center, making sure no cannabinoids are left behind. The leftovers are toasty, brown, dried remains all the way through. Use these for edibles!

Conductive Heating

The Nano-Glazed C-Core uses a special ceramic formula. When this ceramic heats up, the particles link together to form a heat chain that holds onto that heat.

The entire chamber is covered with this ceramic, so it's important that the chamber maintains an even temperature during the entire 4:20 session.

Other vapes use ceramic that is terrible at holding on to heat. It creates heat pockets that torch the flower in some spots, while leaving other spots perfectly green and untouched. The Brink uses the most efficient conduction heating possible.Your Text

Convection Heating

The Nano-Glazed C-Core has a special pill-shaped chamber. This chamber has an engineered pathway that powers the convection heating method.

The convection heat pulls the hot air over the top of the herbs, making sure it heats from the top-down.

The air intake holes in the bottom of the chamber pull air in, and swirls the heat around inside of bowl. It circulates fully, creating a vortex inside. No herb is left untouched in the Nano-Glazed C-Core!

Comparing the Ooze Brink to the Ooze Verge

How Long Does the Brink's Battery Last?

The heat network created by the 3 heating methods makes the C-Core heat very efficiently. The ceramic heats up quickly and stays at the desired temperature, so it doesn't waste battery power by constantly heating up during your sesh.

While the Brink has a smaller battery mAh compared to the Verge (1800 mAh vs 2500 mAh), they actually last for the same amount of sessions! You can expect 10-12 sessions on a full Brink charge, depending on the temperature you select. The Brink doesn't have the colorful OLED screen that the Verge has, so it saves plenty of battery power that way.

The Brink doesn't have that screen, but it can still tell you how much battery power you're working with!

Click the power button 4x to display the battery life indicator. The LED triangle will turn blue when it's showing you battery %, and will go back to green to show you your voltage.

The battery % ranges are:

  • High: 100-61%
  • Medium: 60-30%
  • Low: 30% or less - which means you should charge before you leave the house!

How to Charge the Brink

Includes a Type-C Charging Cable

Every Brink comes with its own type-c charging cable. Plug this into the port on the bottom of the device and into an adapter for a wall outlet. We usually use the block that came with our phones.

The battery indicator light will let you know how far along the charge is. The blue LED lights will light up as the device charges. Once it reaches 100%, it will stop flashing.

Always charge the Brink with a wall adapter, and always plug into a wall outlet. Never charge it in a vehicle or use a port that is not connected to a wall to ensure your device remains covered under warranty.

How to Clean the Brink

Maximum Efficiency = Minimal Effort!

Once you've cashed your bowl, AKA, the entire chamber is full of toasty brown leaves, it's time to clean out the chamber.

  • Remove the mouthpiece and set aside.
  • Dump out the dry remains into a jar or onto your rolling tray. Don' throw them out!
    • Learn how to infuse treats to make edibles!
  • Use the included cleaning brush to remove any stubborn debris.
  • If there is anything sticky left in the chamber, wipe it down with a Micro Swab. Let the chamber air out and dry completely before packing it again.

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