Ooze Vape and Battery FAQ

Selecting a Device and How To Use

Need help figuring out which device might be right for you? Start with our guide to finding the best vape pen for you. Find instructions about turning your device on and off, charging, voltage settings, and product care tips. Looking for information about the Ooze Warranty Program or for information about where to find your registration code? Click here

Troubleshooting Tips

Below and in our blog, we answer questions about why your battery is lighting up different colors, when to charge your device, why your battery might be blinking and more.

Battery Manuals and Compatibility 

Use the table below to find your specific device manual. Click for information about the Ooze Slim Pen, the Ooze Magma, the Ooze Wink, or the Original Fusion.

Charge Type
650/900/1100 Standard Battery Standard Battery Manual 510 Thread USB
650/900/1100 Twist Battery
Twist Battery Manual
510 Thread USB
Comet Comet Manual Concentrates Micro Charger
Drought Drought Manual Dry Herb Micro Charger
Duplex Duplex Manual 510 Thread Micro Charger
Flare Flare Manual Dry Herb Micro Charger
Fusion Fusion Manual 510 Thread/Concentrates USB
Movez Movez Manual 510 Thread Type-C
Novex Novex Manual 510 Thread Magnetic
Pronto Pronto Manual Concentrates Type-C
Quad Quad Manual 510 Thread Type-C and USB
Signal Signal Manual Concentrates Micro Charger
Slim Clear Series Slim Clear Manual 510 Thread Type-C and USB
Slim Twist Pro
Slim Twist Pro Manual
510 Thread
Twist Slim Pen (aka Slim Twist) Slim Twist Manual 510 Thread USB
Twist Slim Pen 2.0 Twist Slim Pen Manual 510 Thread Typc-C and USB
Tanker Tanker Manual 510 Thread USB and Micro Charger
Vault Vault Manual 510 Thread Micro Charger

    General Terms and Questions

    • What is mAh?

      mAh means milliamp Hour. This unit of measure is commonly used to measure the energy capacity of a battery.Learn more about mAh here.

    • What is a 510 thread cartridge?

      A 510 thread cartridge is the most common type of vape cartridge. 510 describes the type of threading that is used to screw the bottom of the cartridge to the appropriate vape battery. A 510 thread means that the female connection on the vape battery is widely compatible with a broad range of vape cartridges that use a male 510 thread.

    • What attachments are 510 thread compatible?

      Yes, our Ooze Atomizers, Ooze Glass Globes*, Ooze Hot Knife, and the Ooze X Stache ConNectar* work with most 510 thread compatible vaporizers and batteries. *Except the Quad.

    • What are the differences between the original Twist Slim Pen and the new version?

      You can use this simple chart to the differences between each device! If you purchased your device prior to June 2022, you likely have the original version.

    • What is a dry herb vaporizer?

      A dry herb vaporizer heats up flower products through convection heating. The result is a smooth, near-odorless vapor full of flavor instead of smoke.

    Setting Information

    • What is Flex Temp?

      Flex Temp means that you can change the voltage, also referred to as temperature. Most Ooze devices with Flex Temp will have 4 voltage levels to choose from. Twist batteries feature a dial to select the voltage on the bottom, and other styles let you cycle through the levels by clicking the button 3x. Newer packaging will refer to “adjustable temperature” or “adjustable voltage” as Flex Temp.

    • How do I use Prep Mode?

      Prep Mode powers the atomizer or cartridge without holding down the button. Prep Mode cycles typically last 20 seconds. Check your device’s specific manual for more information.

    • What is the difference between Prep Mode and Preheat Mode?

      Prep Mode and Preheat mode are the same thing! They are just two different ways to describe the process. Newer packaging will reference Prep Mode. 

    • When should I use Prep Mode?

      We recommend using Prep Mode when enjoying a thicker product such as wax with an atomizer or if your product has been cold for an extended period of time. Prep Mode will heat your concentrate and get it ready for your hit. Let one full cycle complete, and then take your hit like normal.

    • Which devices have Prep Mode?

      Standard Batttery, Twist Battery, Comet, Drought, Duplex, Fusion, Novex, Quad, Slim Twist, the new Twist Slim Pen, Slim Twist Pro, Tanker, and Vault. 

    • What is Safe Sesh?

      Safe sesh is program in the device to shut off after a certain amount of time to avoid overheating their extracts. Your terps are precious to us ❤

    • When should I use Safe Sesh?

      Safe Sesh occurs automatically after your device’s programmed timeframe. This could be while pressing the button down and drawing or while using Auto Draw. You do not want to overheat your product, this destroys terps and cannabinoids.

    • What devices have Safe Sesh?

      All devices with the exception of the Comet feature Safe Sesh. Refer to your device’s specific manual for details.

    • What does Pulse Wave mean?

      Pulse Wave provides confidence in your connection with vibration. Pulse Wave will trigger once when you power your device on and off. It will trigger twice when there is a successful connection to a charger, cartridge, or other compatible attachment.

    • What devices have Pulse Wave?

      The new Twist Slim Pen.

    • What is Pass Through Charging?

      Pass Through Charging allows you to use your device while charging. To see if your device supports Pass Through Charging check your manual.

    • What is Auto Off?

      To preserve battery, the device will shut itself off after set amount of time. See your device’s specific manual for time information.

    • What devices have Auto Off?

      The new Twist Slim Pen, Movez, The Quad, Drought, and the Comet.

    • What is Auto Draw?

      To use Auto Draw, turn your device on and simply inhale without pressing any button. See your specific manual for details. The new Twist Slim Pen and Movez have this feature.

    Product Care and Safety

    • Why should I register my device?

      To ensure you have purchased an authentic Ooze product and to activate your warranty! 

    • How do I register my device? 

      You can register your device by filling outthis form. Your device manual andthis blogcan help you locate your device code. 

    • Where can I learn more about how to buy and use vape products safely? 

      Check out our guide aboutvaping safetywhich is packed with tips about buying cartridges, vape batteries, and using your vape.

    • Why is my battery flashing when I try to take a hit? 

      Your battery could be flashing due to a connection issue, using a non compatible product, or because it needs to be charged. Check your device's specific manual or readthis blog for troubleshooting tips.

    • How should I clean my battery or vapes connection point?

      Turn off your battery or vape and take a cotton swab lightly dipped in rubbing alcohol, or wipe down with an Ooze Resolution Wipe, and GENTLY clean where the device and cartridge meet. Make sure to dry them completely before screwing them back together.

    • How can I clean the mouthpiece of my cartridge or atomizer?

      We recommend using Ooze Resolution Wipes to frequently refresh mouthpieces and connection points. 

    • How should I clean my coil?

      You can learn more about coil care and cleaning in this coil guide.

    • How should I clean my dry herb vaporizer?

      We recommend light cleaning after each use, this will help avoid build-up that can be difficult to remove. Our dry herb vaporizers come with cleaning tools, and we recommend our Ooze Resolution cleaning products for upkeep.

    • How do I charge my battery?

      Depending on your device, you can recharge your battery with an Ooze USB, Ooze Micro USB, or an Ooze USB-C charger for approximately 1-2 hours unless stated otherwise in your device’s manual. For the best and fastest results, always use a wall plug when charging your device. Please read through ourWarranty Programfor more information related to charging and situations that may void your warranty. Please be advised that overnight charging may lead to possible internal damage. 

    • I’m not sure if my charger is working, what should I do?

      Check your battery or vapes specific manual for information about charger indicator lights and more. 

    • Can I change the battery in my pen?

      NO. You should not attempt to open your device for any reason. This will void the warranty IMMEDIATELY and could lead to personal injury. 

    • Do I have to use an Ooze charger with my battery?

      Devices charged with non-Ooze chargers are not covered under our Warranty Program.