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Subscriptions to
Make Your Life Easier

Regularly refresh your kit with new atomizer packs,
cleaning supplies, and more!

How do Ooze Subscriptions Work?

It's so easy, even a stoner can do it!

Once you know which product you want, select the subscription option when adding it to your cart.

There is a drop-down to choose how often you'd like to receive your new subscription.

What Ooze Products are Best for Subscriptions?

While we'd love to send you a brand new Ooze Pen each and every month, most people sign up for subscriptions to get regular shipments of fresh Onyx Atomizers and cleaning supplies.

This ensures you always have a fresh device that works as it's supposed to! A subscription makes maintenance easier and saves you money by prolonging the lifespan of your devices!

Learn More About Ooze Suscriptions

Find step by step instructions for setting up your Ooze subscription and how to manage it in your account. It's even easier than you think!


Subscription FAQs

How do I manage my subscription? 

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You can manage all the details of your subscription (skip, pause, add or remove products, change the frequency, or cancel) in your customer account. Just log in to get started.

How do Ooze subscriptions work? 

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It’s so simple, it’s stoner-proof! Choose the product(s) you want and how often you want them. You can always update these details later in your account.

What’s the cancellation policy? 

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You can cancel your subscription at any time. Just make sure you cancel before your renewal date, or you’ll receive another shipment. We cannot cancel your order once it has started processing in our system!

Will my subscription renew automatically each month? 

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Yes! Your subscription will renew the day before it is scheduled to ship out, depending on the frequency you selected. You don’t need to take any action for your subscription to send out.

Can I add or remove items from my subscription? 

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Of course! Log into your account to manage the items you have on subscription. Make your edits before your renewal date, which you’ll find in your account.

How do I add more products to my current subscription? 

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First, make sure you’re logged in. Next, find the product(s) you want to add to your active subscription and add them to cart. At check out, select “add to current subscription” and go to the next step. You won’t be billed until your renewal date. If you’d like the item(s) to ship immediately, select the “ship now” option.

Will I be charged for cancelling my subscription? 

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No! There is no fee to cancel. Make sure you cancel before your renewal date, or you will receive one last month of your subscription.