Wax Dab Pens

Do Dab Pens Smell?

One of the trickiest parts about getting high is the pungent odor that comes along with it. It’ll coat your hands, house, and clothing with the smell of your favorite sticky icky. We love the weed scent here at Ooze, but we know your job might not feel the same way. Luckily, there is a solution because concentrates have virtually odorless!

Although dabs tend to have a faint weed smell, they will not stink up the room or stain your clothing the way flower does. So choose any wax dab pen and pair it with your favorite concentrates for a discreet vaping experience!

How to Use Wax Pen Vapes

If you love smoking wax and want the convenience of a vape, a concentrate vaporizer is just what the doctor ordered. A refillable dab pen is lowkey, odorless, and portable without the need for a bulky torch. If you want to know how to use wax pen vapes for the first time, it's easy and only takes a few seconds!

To smoke your dab pen, start loading the coil with wax. We recommend eyeballing approximately 0.1 gram of concentrates and dropping it on your wax dab pen's coil. Then, preheat your refillable dab pen and wait for a small cloud to form in the chamber before slowly inhaling the hit!

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