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The Ooze Dictionary: Defining Common Lingo

A graphic that shows a flat lay shot of a mix of Ooze products on an Ooze Dab Mat. There is a Novex, Slim Twist, Duplex, USB Charger, 1100 Battery, Atomizer, and Cartridge. Common terms are written over the graphic to be defined in the blog.

Layne Alfred |

We don’t want to brag… but our devices are pretty sophisticated. Trying to decipher what part is what, especially when you’re new to vaping, can be confusing! Knowing your battery inside and out will help you maintain it longer, and will ultimately optimize your vaping experience.


Let’s dive into some of the common Ooze lingo we use around our batteries!



 A white female hand with maroon nails and a blue sleeve is holding, from left to right, a silver Ooze Novex battery, black Ooze 650 Twist battery, and a rainbow Slim Twist vape battery.

The battery refers to your Ooze pen itself, not the USB charger. We may also refer to the battery as the vape pen or vaping device. The battery powers your atomizer or cartridge’s coils and allows them to heat and vaporize your product.


There is not a battery inside of the device that can be removed or replaced. The device itself is the battery. There is no reason for you to ever try to open up your device—this is seriously risky, and we’re not responsible for the damage caused by trying to open up the battery.



 A close up shot of a white female hand holding an Ooze basement adapter and coil and a chrome Ooze wax atomizer pinched in her fingers.

The atomizer is the heating component that you screw onto your device that heats, or vaporizes, your oil or concentrates. In Ooze terms, it’s the attachment in which you load you wax. The atomizer has coils inside it that do the actual heating. That’s why we also refer to the coil component that comes with our globe accessories as an atomizer.


Sometimes you may also see regular oil cartridges (the kind you pre-fill) referred to as atomizers. This is because they include the heating component—the coils. The terms can technically be interchangeable, but it is more common to call the pre-filled or pre-fillable attachments cartridges, and the piece that you directly load wax into the atomizer.



 A close-up shot of a white female hand with maroon nails holding three empty oil cartridges in her hand. From left to right, the tips are chrome, gold, and clear.

Ooze sells cartridges on the site, and each Duplex device includes a cartridge. As was mentioned above, since our cartridges are built with the heating component included, they may also be referred to as atomizers.


All cartridges we offer are pre-fillable—not pre-filled. Ooze does not sell THC products of any kind. Our cartridges are intended to be filled by the user.



 A white female hand with maroon nails holds an Ooze smart USB charger above a glossy gray floor.

Our stick-style batteries like the Slim Twist include what we call the Smart USB Charger. It is the small, black USB attachment that has the Ooze logo on it. It arrives in the package screwed directly onto the battery. Our 650, 900 and 1100 batteries should also be used with the Smart USB Charger, but it’s sold separately and not included with the battery.

 A close-up shot of a rainbow Ooze Duplex Dual Extract Vaporizer with its white Micro USB Charger connected.

Our Duplex, Drought and Comet devices all include our Micro USB Charger. This charger has a small port that plugs into the battery, rather than screwing onto the top. The Comet’s Micro USB Charger is even built with a retractable cord for added versatility.


Each of these smart chargers shuts off the power flow into the battery as soon as it reaches a full charge, preventing overcharging and overheating. Use of our smart chargers, regardless of their design, will help your device last as long as possible. Learn more about how our Smart USB Chargers protect your battery here


Understanding how your battery works as a whole will make it easier to troubleshoot your product and keep it functioning properly. Our blog is full of tips and tricks on how to maintain your Ooze product, and familiarizing yourself with these terms will give you a deeper understanding of how to do so.

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