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Top 5 Strains for 4/20 Month

Top 5 Strains for 4/20 Month

Jane Wagner |


With cannabis legalization progressing, it’s becoming possible to select strains based on individual preferences. The variety of cannabis strains available today can treat different symptoms, produce different mental and physical effects, and even taste vastly different.

Now that it’s 4/20 month once again, make it memorable and try out new strains that you haven’t before. These unique strains are great talking points and it’s fun to share with others during 4/20 festivities. You can even have a bud tasting event with your friends! Here are some of the most trending new strains that are perfect for celebrating 4/20. 

1. Apples and Bananas

A nug of the Apples and Bananas cannabis strain from Uplyfted Cannabis Co on Weedmaps

This new strain has been the talk of the town since 2021, and now you just have to try it if you haven’t yet. Apples and Bananas has a complicated family tree, involving Platinum Cookies, Granddaddy Purple, Blue Power and Gelatti. Although it has a slightly bland name, the flavor will prove otherwise. Apples and Bananas delivers a spicy punch of fruity terpenes and a relaxed yet cerebral high. This is one of those rare stimulating hybrids that won’t result in paranoia, so if you’re looking to let go of anxiety without getting locked to the couch, this is a great strain to try. 

2. Meat Breath

A nug of the Meat Breath Cannabis strain from Green Pharm on Weedmaps

If you’re NOT going for fruity notes, look no further than Meat Breath, a cross between Meatloaf and Mendo Breath. It has a lingering taste and scent of diesel and dirt—yeehaw! Meat Breath also boasts high THC content, so use with discretion if you’re a beginner… and perhaps only at night no matter how experienced you are! This strain will cure any of your pain or insomnia woes.

3. Runtz Muffin

A nug of the Runtz Muffin cannabis strain from Columbia Care on Weedmaps

This new cross between the baby of Gelato and Zkittlez and Orange Punch is nothing short of luxurious. Runtz Muffin delivers a smooth, sweet and creamy hit with a slight floral aftertaste. This hybrid strain is indica-dominant and will have all your worries melting away after one toke. 

4. Pie Face OG

A nug of the Pie Face OG cannabis weed strain from

Pie Face OG is the latest lovechild of Cherry Pie, a beloved daytime hybrid, and Face Off OG, an intense indica. Pie Face OG displays traits from both sides, like sweet cherry and earthy terpenes. This strain also provides the intense relaxation that Face Off OG does, but its Cherry Pie lineage balances that out for a more clear-headed high.

5. Wilson!

A nug of the Wilson! weed strain on

Yes, most refer to this strain with the exclamation point and all. Wilson! is an energizing strain that will ease social anxiety and have you enjoying the moment, no matter where you are. If this strain’s name references Castaway’s friendliest volleyball, Wilson! will be your pal when times get tough and you just need a pick-me-up.

Widen your cannabis horizons this 4/20 month and try one of these awesome strains! Grab a new piece while you're at it so you can really taste the terpenes in each new strain.

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